Man Sends Threat Mail to Airport only to Stop Girlfriend from boarding flight

Everything is probable in adore and war.

Well, this word doesn’t go definitely all a time.

A guy, usually to stop his partner from boarding flight, sent a feign hijacking hazard to a airport, that finished adult with his arrest.

It has been reported that a man, famous usually as Vamshi, from Hyderabad, India, wanted to stop his partner from going to Mumbai and Goa debate as he could not join her.

So, he designed to send a feign hijacking mail to a airport, that resulted in a disharmony during a Hyderabad Airport.

After a investigation, military found out that it was all designed by Vamshi, officers immediately arrested him.

Adding some-more twist, Vamshi was already married and carrying a pleasing daughter, that clears a fact that he was carrying extramarital affair.