Man is still behind bars underneath judgment that no longer exists

A man who was jailed for usually 17 months, though he is still behind bars and surprisingly, a judgment underneath that he was put in prison, no longer exists.

It has been reported that a 43-year-old, Jason Thorne, was jailed for 17 months after he threatened to kill a former partner during a exhilarated row.

Since then, he is still in jail and it has been 10 years now.

Well, he was condemned under a sentencing regime called IPP – Imprisonment for Public Protection, that is now abolished by a council.

However, it is usually abolished for a new ‘prisoners’.

So, by that logic, Jason is going to continue his ‘sentence’ for his whole life.

His one friend, Jessica Ross, 35, is campaigning opposite a order to make his crony free.

She said, “He has finished his time several times over and has got mislaid in a system”.