Man arrested for perplexing to call heroin during trade stop

Moments later, after a motorist is in handcuffs, an irritated Abts-Olsen asked him: “What would possess we to do that on a trade stop with a military officer right behind you?”

A 73-year-old male was pulled over for a slight trade offense in Seattle a other day: pushing but his lights on.

Abts-Olsen suggested to a male that, until he saw a cocaine, he was usually going to give him a warning since of his purify pushing record.

The male eventually certified that he had been snorting heroin in a center of a trade stop, military said.

The officer said: “Are we teasing me?”

“Are we kidding?” Abts-Olsen asked a man, who primarily denied carrying cocaine, military said.

Abts-Olsen can be listened seeking a man. But no, it was an tangible trade stop held on video in Seattle.

Seattle Police Department Seattle military had fun with a dashcam footage.

The driver, who has not been identified was dismayed and spills a white powder he told a officer was “vitamins”.

The male was arrested for narcotics possession, according to The Associated Press.

The video concludes with a heartwarming summary from a military department: “Drive protected and have a smashing holiday season”.

“It’s nothing…it’s vitamin pills, that we take?” a motorist asked, not sounding really certain that would fly. “I only don’t understand”.

After a officer checked a man’s looseness and registration during a trade stop on Tuesday evening, a look-out walked behind to a driver’s Toyota. The male was arrested on guess of drug possession.

A 73-year-old male was pulled over during trade stop