Majority Of Global Poll Respondents Find Trump Arrogant, Dangerous

Changing views of a U.S.: Favorability down opposite universe though adult in Russia

A new check from a Pew Research Center has found that Donald Trump’s presidency is strongly and negatively impacting how a rest of a universe views a United States.

At a finish of Barack Obama’s term, 64 percent of tellurian respondents conspicuous they were assured in a U.S. president, compared to 22 percent now. Seventy-four percent of those surveyed conspicuous they have no certainty in Trump.

Compared to a final years of Obama’s presidency, Trump perceived aloft ratings in only dual of a 37 countries surveyed – Russia and Israel.


The Trump administration is aiming to urge family with Russia. The boss has also voiced a enterprise to assistance intercede a assent understanding between a Israelis and Palestinians, while his policies have also seemed to embolden allotment enlargement in a assigned West Bank.

“The pointy decrease in how many tellurian publics trust a U.S. boss on a universe theatre is generally conspicuous among some of America’s closest allies in Europe and Asia, as good as adjacent Mexico and Canada,” a news states.

The disastrous perceptions of a U.S. boss seem to be impacting U.S. favorability ratings in general. Sixty-four percent of those surveyed had auspicious views of a U.S. during a finish of a Obama presidency, compared to 49 percent now.

Global views of Trump's characteristics

Arrogant, fanatic and dangerous — these are all traits that a sizeable infancy of tellurian respondents conspicuous news a U.S. president. On a other hand, 55 percent see him as a clever leader, while 39 percent contend that he is charismatic.

Only about one in 4 people settled that they found Trump “well-qualified to be president” and “caring about typical people.”

The consult asked about 5 of a Trump administration’s signature process proposals — withdrawing from a Iran deal, restricting travelers from some Muslim-majority countries, withdrawing from meridian change and trade agreements, and building a wall along a limit with Mexico. It found that all of these positions are unpopular globally.

It’s value observant that Americans as a people sojourn popular, and “a median of 58% contend they have a auspicious sense of Americans.” Global respondents also tend to like U.S. renouned culture, such as radio and music, by a far-reaching margin.

Poll Shows Increased Support For NATO On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

Despite a dump in U.S. favorability ratings, many countries design their attribute with a U.S. to stay about a same.

However, those who design a attribute to change tend to be pessimistic. “In many regions of a world, a share of a open that believes things will wear outweighs a share that thinks family will urge by a ratio of two-to-one,” a news states.

Poll formula in Mexico uncover some of a many thespian drops in certainty for a U.S. boss — from 49 percent underneath Obama to 5 percent underneath Trump. Building a wall between a U.S. and Mexico was a executive height of Trump’s campaign.

The news also asked people around a universe for their opinions on 3 other leaders: Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At 74 percent no confidence, Trump had a largest share of disastrous ratings. Xi and Putin also perceived mostly disastrous responses, with 53 and 59 percent respectively. Merkel was noticed a many positively, with 31 percent observant no certainty and 42 observant they have certainty in her.

The news adds that tellurian favorability ratings for a U.S. were also low during surveys during George W. Bush’s presidency, and saw increases after Barack Obama took office.