Lyle Jeffs, Polygamist Accused Of Fraud, Arrested After Nearly A Year On The Run

Polygamous group personality Lyle Jeffs leaves a sovereign building in Salt Lake City in Jan 2015.

Rick Bowmer/AP

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Rick Bowmer/AP

Polygamous group personality Lyle Jeffs leaves a sovereign building in Salt Lake City in Jan 2015.

Rick Bowmer/AP

Lyle Jeffs, a personality of a polygamist Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who has been indicted of large-scale food stamp rascal and income laundering, was arrested by a FBI on Wednesday after scarcely a year on a run.

Jeffs was indicted final Feb and gave a FBI a trip final June. The FBI believes he used olive oil to slip a GPS tracker off his ankle, as a Deseret News reported final year.

The business offering a $50,000 prerogative for information heading to his arrest. Jeffs was found in South Dakota and arrested on Wednesday night, a FBI says.

Jeffs is a hermit of barbarous polygamist personality Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of child passionate attack in 2011 for his “marriages” to a 12-year-old and 15-year-old. Warren Jeffs is portion a life sentence.

After his brother’s imprisonment, Lyle Jeffs became behaving personality of a FLDS sect, a radical appendage of a Mormon church that began splintering from a mainstream church some-more than a century ago. The FLDS has a few thousand members and, distinct a contemporary Mormon church, believes in polygamy. Lyle Jeffs reportedly has, or had, 9 wives; Warren Jeffs had dozens of wives.

In Jan 2016, a Salt Lake Tribune reported that “Uncle Lyle” had turn a church’s arch executive and eremite leader:

“Lyle, in his brother’s name, has enforced firm doctrines distinct any a faith has had before, former members say, with bans on marriages, sex among spouses [you can review some-more on this order here] and a grocery list of foods, such as beans, milk, sugarine and chocolate. No one is authorised to review or watch physical media or perspective a justification law coercion collected opposite Warren in Texas. Lyle also has evicted maybe hundreds of men, women and children. Others have left on their own. …

“Earlier this year, a U.S. Department of Labor systematic Lyle, some FLDS businessmen and a church itself to compensate fines totaling roughly $2 million for regulating children and delinquent labor during a 2012 pecan harvest. The fines sojourn underneath interest and have not been paid.”

The church has also been indicted of cultured opposite non-members.

But it was a purported food stamp rascal that brought rapist charges — not only for Lyle Jeffs, though for scarcely a dozen church leaders and members.

NPR reported on a complaint final year, observant that some church members credit a sovereign supervision of persecuting them:

” ‘This complaint is not about religion. This complaint is about fraud,’ U.S. Attorney John W. Huber pronounced in a statement.

“In a indictment, prosecutors contend FLDS church members accept millions of dollars in SNAP advantages any year. The module is dictated to assistance low-income families and people buy food. Jeffs and other church leaders allegedly systematic members to give their SNAP advantages to a church, that afterwards redistributed them to a community. In some cases, prosecutors say, church leaders told members to send their SNAP advantages to church-owned stores but receiving food.

“The income from a purported scheme, prosecutors say, helped financial a squeeze of paper products, a tractor and a lorry — all of that are incompetent underneath SNAP rules.”