Learn More About The Trump-Russia Imbroglio

Russia’s comprehension services interfered in a 2016 presidential choosing to harm Hillary Clinton and assistance Donald Trump win, a U.S. comprehension village says. During this time, American view agencies say, they also found that people connected to Trump’s debate were communicating with Russians in ways that caused “concern.” The story has lifted many large questions. So NPR News has combined this apparatus of credentials information to try to assistance make it all a small clearer.


The people concerned in a issue of a election-meddling operation from some of a best-known in a universe — including a stream and immediately former presidents of a United States — to lesser-known supervision officials and once-obscure debate aides given towering to prominence.

Government Agencies

The Russian choosing division and a issue have concerned a operation of supervision comprehension and law coercion agencies.


The primary source materials referenced in investigations or authorised record including open U.S. law and intensity evidence.


A Justice Department special warn and mixed congressional committees are looking into intensity connectors between Trump debate associates and a election-meddling.


The legal, intelligence-gathering or law coercion ideas behind a headlines.

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This page was creatively published on Jun 2, 2017.