Lawsuit Alleges Mafia-Like Tactics Aimed At A Disneyland Social Club

Social clubs have sprung adult during Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., in new years — and a lawsuit describes threats of attack directed during one of them.

Jae C. Hong/AP

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Jae C. Hong/AP

Social clubs have sprung adult during Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., in new years — and a lawsuit describes threats of attack directed during one of them.

Jae C. Hong/AP

There are a lot of ways to be unequivocally into Disney as an adult. You can go on a Disney cruise, attend a three-day Disney convention, or get married during one of a parks.

Suddenly, in 2013, a whole new capillary of fandom sprouted: Disneyland amicable clubs.

Like an infrequently rational motorcycle gang, members wear denim vests arrayed with Disney trade pins on a front. On a behind are rags temperament a picture of their club’s totem character. Many members possess annual passes and revisit Disneyland frequently.

Some members have tattoos of Walt Disney himself.

Our initial central revisit as Walt’s Most Wanted during DCA! If we see us in a park come contend hi!

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Each bar has a possess bent: Some are named after film characters while others concentration on facilities of a parks themselves. But a denim vests are a mainstay.

“We wanted something we could be gentle in, that we could wear on prohibited days, and that was confidant and spoke to a acceptance of a semi-outsider position within a Disney fandom,” Nathan Rice, a owner of a bar called Walt’s Misfits, told a OC Weekly in 2014. “The initial few clubs were finished adult of identical tattooed weirdos, and we consider a whole ‘The Warriors’ outlaw thing had an corner that we wanted to convey, even if that corner was eventually tongue-in-cheek, it being Disneyland and all.”

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“Being heavily tattooed and carrying rather of an ‘alternative’ picture compared to a normal Disney-goer, it was tough for us to filigree with a families we customarily see during a park,” Michael Stout, co-founder of a Main Street Elite, told a Weekly. “So we motionless we’ll make a possess Disney family, seeking out a rest of a Disney fanatics who were left with no one to go to a park with.”

As we can see in thousands of photos on Instagram, a groups generally demeanour flattering friendly. Members tell stories of assisting newcomers or gripping an eye out for park order breakers.

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But according to a lawsuit filed in Sep in Orange County polite justice and updated final week, one of a clubs used strategy some-more compared with a Mafia than with a Happiest Place on Earth.

The plaintiffs are John and Leslee Sarno, a Sacramento couple. The justice filing explains that John Sarno was a boss of a Main Street Fire Station 55 Social Club “and also gimlet a pretension of ‘Battalion Chief’ in a illusory glow station.”

In a summer of 2016, according to a complaint, Fire Station 55 SC orderly a fundraiser for a families of firefighters who died in a Sept. 11 attacks. Some 340 participants walked 2 miles around Disneyland, and a increase were donated to a charity. Disney gave accede and supposing security.

It was in a weeks heading adult to a fundraiser that suspect Jakob Fite and 4 other members of a amicable bar called a White Rabbits approached John Sarno on Disney skill and demanded that he compensate them $500 in “protection money” for a event, according to a suit. Sarno refused to pay, and he says Fite threatened to hurt him — and that a Sarnos would never be means to revisit a park again.

After that, according to a lawsuit, Fite and other members of a White Rabbits began a targeted debate opposite a Sarnos on summary play and podcasts, job them scammers and criminal artists. They contend that White Rabbits printed T-shirts with John Sarno’s name and correspondence on it warning that he was dangerous and finished fake reports to law coercion and news outlets claiming a Sarnos had committed fraud.

The Sarnos contend they eventually had to disperse a Fire Station 55 SC and that Disneyland refused to let them reason another gift walk. They’ve been ostracized, they say, vital in fear of earthy assault. They have not felt it protected to lapse to Disneyland.

Fite rejects a allegations, a Los Angeles Times reports, “saying Sarno filed a fit to glow behind during Fite for lifting questions about Sarno’s impression among other Disneyland amicable clubs.”

The Times adds: “Fite cohosts a podcast that discusses Disney’s subculture and pronounced he used that forum to lift questions about Sarno’s impression and advise that Sarno has been dubious bar members about his credentials to lift income for free causes.”

The Sarnos declined to criticism on a lawsuit, according to a newspaper, and their profession pronounced a integrate “have no enterprise to serve ventilate their resources or to take any movement that could be construed as their possess re-publication of a fake and insulting statements that have been circulated by a defendants in this case.”

Disneyland is also named in a suit, that argues that Disney hasn’t finished anything to take movement opposite a White Rabbits or make it protected for a Sarnos to lapse to a park. The plaintiffs find saving and punitive damages.