Las Vegas Attack Update: The Ones Who Were Lost

Mourners attend a candlelight burial during a dilemma of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard for a victims of Sunday night’s mass sharpened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Mourners attend a candlelight burial during a dilemma of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard for a victims of Sunday night’s mass sharpened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Updated during 9:30 a.m. ET, Oct. 4

A some-more minute design is rising from a disharmony and extinction of Sunday’s conflict on a nation song unison on a Las Vegas Strip that became a misfortune mass sharpened in complicated U.S. history.

Las Vegas Police Release Bodycam Footage; ATF Says Gunman Had 'Bump-Fire' Stocks

With 59 people killed and some-more than 500 others injured, “It’s a long, difficult routine to brand a victims and reunite them with a family members,” pronounced Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

And while there are countless amicable media reports about a victims, here is what we know from central sources, friends and family members about some of those who died.

This post will be updated with offer information about a victims as we learn more.

Lisa Patterson, Lomita, Calif.

Patterson “was a mom, who worked with her father in a family hardwood flooring business in Los Angeles,” North Country Public Radio’s Brian Mann reports. “She also wanted to be a propagandize teacher.”

Brian spoke to Patterson’s daughter Amber, 19, a college student.

“She was a many extraordinary person. She usually cared for people and always put other people first,” Amber Patterson said.

After a shooting, a family went by a prolonged wait to find out if Lisa Patterson was among a hundreds of people who had been taken to Las Vegas hospitals.

“We didn’t know where she was. we was awaiting to come here and for her to usually be injured, though afterwards we found this out, so it was devastating,” Amber said.

Mann pronounced Amber was wearing her mother’s bracelet — partial of a personal effects internal authorities had given to a family.

“She was a many pleasing individual,” Amber said, “and I’m going to try my hardest to be a best daughter she could ever suppose and take caring of my family and we wish she knows that.”

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Lisa Patterson had been married to her husband, Bob, for 30 years. She had 3 daughters — a youngest is 8 years old.

Lisa and Bob Patterson were also supporters and volunteers in a Palos Verdes Girls Softball League.

As KPBS reports, a crony of a couple, Andy Tamilin, wrote on a GoFundMe page that Patterson and her father “spent unconstrained hours donating their time and appetite to assistance a girls of a community.”

Jennifer Irvine, 42, San Diego, Calif.

Irvine “ran a family-law and criminal-defense use out of an bureau high-rise circuitously San Diego’s El Cortez hotel,” according to KPBS in Los Angeles.

“My good friend, colleague, and business partner Jennifer Irvine was killed by a maniac during a festival in Las Vegas,” San Diego-area profession Thomas Slattery wrote on Facebook. “A comfortless detriment of a kind, generous, and pleasing lady. She will be severely missed.”

John Phippen, 56, Santa Clarita, Calif.

Phippen was “a large male with gray hair and a moustache,” North County Public Radio contributor Brian Mann reports. “He was during a song festival with his son Travis, an puncture medical technician. They were dancing when one of a bullets struck John in a reduce back.”

Travis Phippen was also shot in a arm, though he managed to get his father out of a venue that was underneath fire, get him into a automobile and get him to a hospital. But notwithstanding Travis Phippen’s efforts to control a draining and assistance his father along a way, John Phippen died.

Brian reports of John Phippen:

“He ran a home correct and remodeling association in Valencia. But unequivocally he seems to have been a family man. He had 6 kids. His youngest daughter is usually 14 years old. His crony Leah combined a fundraising page for a family on a GoFundMe site and she talks about him usually being a good male – someone who favourite to go camping, favourite a cold beer, was always peaceful to assistance out a friend.”

Charleston Hartfield, 34, Henderson, Nev.

Hartfield, a Las Vegas troops officer, was off avocation when he attended a Route 91 Harvest song festival and died in a massacre. The city’s troops force confirmed that one off-duty officer had been killed though did not brand him; a crony of Hartfield’s, Troy Rhett, spoke to NPR and reliable his death.

A 34-year-old troops maestro and married father of two, Hartfield was improved famous to many as Coach Charles or Coach Chucky — he coached girl football for a Henderson Cowboys.

“I consider he was any kid’s favorite coach,” Rhett told NPR. Hartfield was a large guy, Rhett said, always certain and always enlivening self-improvement and village service. “He was a father figure for a lot of a people he interacted with.”

Rhett choked adult as he described a series of children who came to a burial for Hartfield on Monday night. “It’s usually demonstrative of who he was,” he said. “The village here during Vegas will never be a same carrying mislaid such a splendid star.”

Hartfield also wrote and self-published a book, Memoirs Of A Public Servant, about life as a Las Vegas troops officer. He wrote in a book that he began articulate publicly about community-oriented policing as an collision — a internal high propagandize was brief on a orator for an event, and Hartfield concluded to fill a slot. But he detected he could start suggestive conversations with immature people about troops use of force and competition relations.

In a brazen to a book, Hartfield told his associate troops officers that a notice of policing depends on a interactions officers have with a open any day. “I feel respected that we have authorised me to offer a village side by side with you,” he wrote to his colleagues.

Rhett knew Hartfield was during a song festival, and texted on Sunday night to ask if he was OK. When he didn’t reply, Rhett usually insincere that Hartfield was too bustling aiding others to respond.

“He’d be a male that would be assisting everybody, saving everybody first, before he would even consider of saving himself.” Rhett said. “He’s a best of what we have in multitude … as a troops officer and a serviceman, and afterwards he volunteered so many of his time to a community. we don’t know if we can ask some-more out of an individual. In a brief duration of time that he was on this earth, he’s finished some-more than many people do in a lifetime.”

Rocio Guillen Rocha, 40, Eastvale, Calif.

Guillen had given birth to her fourth child — a baby child — usually 6 weeks ago and was still on maternity leave from her pursuit as a manager during a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant.

She and her fiancé, Chris Jaksha, both vital nation song fans, had trafficked from their home in Eastvale to attend Sunday’s unison as partial of a birthday jubilee for one of their friends, Jaksha’s sister Nikki Stowers told NPR.

Stowers pronounced that according to her brother, when a sharpened began, Guillen was strike in a thigh. Jaksha was means to get Guillen to a sanatorium with a assistance of police, though she died shortly after arriving.

Now Stowers is caring for a infant, along with a couple’s 18-month-old daughter. Guillen’s dual comparison boys — one 13, a other 17 — are with Guillen’s relatives.

“I don’t even know what to say,” pronounced Stowers, her voice thickening with emotion. “She was such a good mom. My relatives have a residence by a stream and she desired going out there and holding a kids. Just being a family person. She was that form of mom who usually desired holding her kids. And she desired her dual comparison boys so many — usually examination them play sports. It’s so astray that she’s had her life taken away.”

Jenny Parks, 35, Palmdale, Calif.

Parks was a kindergarten clergyman during Anaverde Elementary School, where she’d worked for 3 years. A deputy of a propagandize district reliable her genocide to NPR.

“She was always enthusiastic, energetic, committed and dedicated,” a Westside Union School District pronounced in a statement. Parks was “so unapproachable to be a teacher,” a district wrote. “Her suggestion was something to behold. The students who were educated by her knew what it was to adore training as Jennifer gave them a clarity of wonder, curiosity, and fad about all they did.”

Parks attended a song festival with her husband, Bobby, who was harmed though survived. The integrate has dual children.

Bobby Parks’ uncle, Steven McCarthy, told People Magazine that a Parks were “the ideal family.” Jenny was “absolutely pleasing and unequivocally intelligent, had a smashing clarity of amusement and was so kind,” he said.

Angie Gomez, 20, Riverside, Calif.

Angie Gomez and her boyfriend, Ethan Sanchez, were high propagandize sweethearts. Gomez died on Sunday night.

Courtesy of Tawny Finn

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Courtesy of Tawny Finn

Angie Gomez and her boyfriend, Ethan Sanchez, were high propagandize sweethearts. Gomez died on Sunday night.

Courtesy of Tawny Finn

Gomez, who graduated from Riverside Polytechnic High School in 2015, was an determined helper with a passion for children’s theater. Gomez’s comparison sister, Tawny Finn, told NPR that Gomez precious spending time with her family — and desired nation music.

“I was 9 when she was born. we usually fell in adore with her,” Finn says. “She was such a good baby. … She’d hardly ever cried though when she did, I’d sing to her and she’d put her ear adult to my mouth and usually stop crying. She was usually so wonderful.”

When she grew up, Gomez was usually as sweet. “There was not a bad bone in her body,” Finn says. “My sister was usually a biggest person. And we know that seems like something that someone would contend … though she unequivocally was a biggest person, with a kindest heart, and her categorical idea in life was usually to make other people happy and take caring of them.”

Gomez was during a song festival with her boyfriend, Ethan Sanchez. Gomez frequency went to concerts though wanted to see this one — and Ethan, who wasn’t as large a nation song fan, went to be with her, Finn says. The dual were high propagandize sweethearts with a splendid destiny in front of them.

“She usually recently got a pursuit final week as a approved nurse’s partner and she was unequivocally vehement about that,” Finn said. “They had so many skeleton — when they were going to get married, when they were going to have kids. They were a childhood sweethearts that were going to make it.”

They wanted to be tighten to a theatre for a Jason Aldean concert. That’s when a electrocute started. The second bombardment of shots brought Gomez down; she fell into her boyfriend’s arms, struggling to breathe. With a assistance of bystanders, Sanchez carried her to a road. Several cars flew by before a good Samaritan stopped and gave her a float to a sanatorium in his Camaro.

But it was too late, Finn says.

“She was my best friend,” she said. “It’s usually going to be tough to live though her.”

Jordan McIldoon, 23, Maple Ridge, Canada

McIldoon was a complicated avocation automechanic and “self-described, cowboy-boot, tattoo-covered strikebreaker who desired a outdoors,” according to a matter given to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by McIldoon’s parents, Al and Angela.

He was attending a unison with his girlfriend, though he died holding a palm of a stranger: Heather Gooze, who was operative as a barkeeper during a concert. She told CNN that several group carried a sincerely harmed McIldoon to a bar area, afterwards ran out to assistance others who were wounded. Gooze pronounced she kneeled down to take McIldoon’s palm and could feel his fingers hang around hers. “I felt, like, a fist on my fingers and afterwards we usually felt a fingers go loose,” she recalled.

Soon after, McIldoon’s dungeon phone rang — a crony pursuit to see if he was OK. Gooze told a broadcaster that she answered a call and schooled McIldoon’s name from a friend. Soon she was also in phone hit with McIldoon’s girlfriend, who was in lockdown during a circuitously hotel, and his mom behind in Canada.

Gooze pronounced she betrothed them she would stay with his physique until authorities came to take him divided so that they would know what had happened to him. It took several hours. “I usually sat with him,” Gooze told CNN. “I would like to think, if it was me, somebody wouldn’t let me lay there alone.”

McIldoon’s relatives told a CBC that he was their usually son. “We usually had one child,” they said. “We usually don’t know what to do.”

Bailey Schweitzer, 20, Bakersfield, Calif.

Schweitzer worked as a receptionist during Infinity Communications, a association portion a mobile industry. Her supervisor, Amie Campbell, reliable her genocide to NPR.

“At work we usually called her a sunshine,” Campbell said. “She usually kept a grin on everybody’s face and we couldn’t have a bad day around her.”

A coworker, Katelynn Cleveland, told The Californian that Schweitzer had been looking brazen to a Route 91 Harvest Festival for weeks — and was already starting to devise a outing behind to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday in April.

Christopher Roybal, 28, Corona, Calif.

Roybal was a Navy maestro who had served in Afghanistan, NPR’s Ina Jaffe reports. His genocide was reliable by his mother, Debbie Allen, in a post on Facebook.

“Today is a saddest day of my life,” Allen wrote. “My heart is damaged in a billion pieces.”

Matthew Austin, who served with Roybal in a Navy, wrote, “it breaks my heart and infuriates me that a maestro can come home from fight unscathed and events like these occur. Shipmate, we were taken many [too] soon.”

The many new post manifest to a open on Roybal’s possess Facebook account, from July, answers a question, “What’s it like being shot at?”

Roybal described adrenaline, fear and anger. He wrote:

“The annoy stays, prolonged after your friends have died, a lives you’ve taken are buried and your boots are placed orderly in a box in some storage unit. Still lonesome in a mud you’ve refused to rinse off for fear of forgetful a many tender emotions we as a tellurian being will ever feel again.

“What’s it like to be shot at? It’s a calamity no volume of drugs, no volume of therapy and no volume of dipsomaniac talks with your fight maestro buddies will ever be means to escape.

“Cheers boys.”

Stacee Etcheber, 50, Novato, Calif.

Etcheber was a hair stylist, a wife, and a mom to dual children — a son and daughter aged 10 and 12.

Her father Vincent told NPR that a dual of them were hire subsequent to any other during a unison when a initial turn of sharpened began. Vincent, an officer with a San Francisco police, urged his mom to rush as he stayed behind to try to assist.

Asked for a best difference to report Etcheber, Vincent did not hesitate: “strong person, good mother.” But he pronounced he was not in a state to speak about her in some-more detail.

Etcheber grew adult in Northern California and photos on her Facebook page uncover her intent in all demeanour of outside activities — doing a handstand on a beach, removing a lick from a seal, roving a equine rodeo-style, celebrating with friends on ski slopes, and grinning widely as she hugged her father and children.

Carrie Barnette, 34, Riverside, Calif.

Barnette reportedly worked during Disney’s California Adventure park, during Pacific Wharf Cafe.

Robert Iger, a CEO of Disney, reliable her genocide in a tweet, pursuit her “a smashing member of a Disney family” and describing her genocide as “tragic.” Her cousin, Janice Chambers, told a Arizona Republic that Barnette was an “animal lover” who was “always smiling, happy and upbeat.”

Susan Smith, 53, Simi Valley, Calif.

Smith was a bureau manager during an facile propagandize in Simi Valley. Jake Finch, a spokeman with a Simi Valley School District, reliable her genocide to member hire KPCC. KPCC reports:

“‘Susan was unequivocally studious and kind with a students,’ pronounced Finch. ‘She always had a grin on her face when we walked into her office. She was also impossibly fit and learned during her job. And many importantly, she had a good clarity of humor. She was usually a unequivocally sweet, kind, neat person.'” Smith, who lived in Simi Valley, had worked for a propagandize district for 16 years, during 5 opposite schools. She worked during Vista Fundamental Elementary for a past 3 years, pronounced Finch. She was married, and was a mom of dual adult children.”

Dana Gardner, 52, Grand Terrace, Calif.

Gardner worked for San Bernardino County for some-more than 25 years; a county orator reliable her genocide to member hire KPCC.

ABC 7 reports that Gardner was with her daughter Kayla during a time of a shooting, and says that Kayla Gardner survived with no injuries.

Sonny Melton, 29, Big Sandy, Tenn.

Melton, a purebred helper during a Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tenn., was in a lifesaving business, though his employer reliable he mislaid his possess life. He was during a unison with his wife, Heather, an orthopedic surgeon, who done it out alive.

“He saved my life,” Heather Melton told USA Today. “He grabbed me from behind and started using when we felt him get shot in a back.”

Lisa Romero-Muniz, 48, Gallup, N.M.

Romero-Muniz, a grandmother, worked as a fortify secretary during Hiroshi Miyamura High School in Gallup, N.M.

“She was not usually an worker of a propagandize district, though was an implausible amatory and frank friend, coach and disciple for students,” Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools Superintendent Mike Hyatt pronounced in a statement.

Sandra Casey

Casey also worked in a school; she had been a a special preparation clergyman during Manhattan Beach Middle School in Los Angeles County for a past 9 years. The Manhattan Beach Unified School District pronounced Casey was “loved by students and colleagues comparison and will be remembered for her clarity of humor, her passion for her work, her friendship to her students, and her joining to stability her possess learning.”

“She’s positively desired by students and colleagues comparison and will be remembered for her clarity of humor, her passion for her work, her friendship to her students, her joining to continue her possess training and holding on whatever new projects came her way,” School Superintendent Mike Matthews pronounced Monday, according to member hire KPCC.

Matthews emailed propagandize families to contend that Casey was among countless Manhattan Beach high propagandize and center propagandize employees who were during a concert; a others transient unharmed.

Rachael Parker

Parker was also from Manhattan Beach. She was a 10-year maestro of a city’s troops dialect and worked as a annals technician.

The 33-year-old “was shot and eventually mislaid her life in a hospital,” troops pronounced in a statement. Parker was among 4 dialect employees during a concert; one officer was shot and suffered teenager injuries.