Katy Perry strips down during list box for Funny or Die

Katy Perry did not stop during that, giving serve hints about what she is intending to do. The problem is that a military arrived during a stage and did not demur to fetter him since she is naked! Reports exhibit that, a exposed thought is to make sure, Perry has a courtesy of a people of America.

This time it’s a near-naked Katy Perry in a comical or Die video campaign, reminding electorate it’s OK to hurl out of bed and conduct to a voting counter no matter what state you’re in. Katy Perry’s comical or Die skit is a genuine story behind a news. The destiny of a nation is in a hands and if we follow Katy Perry zero should mount in your approach of voting- even if we demeanour like crap! So I’m seeking we to have an open mind and to use your voice, since on Nov 8th, you’ll be only as absolute as any NRA lobbyist. She’s finished what she betrothed in this waggish new video that urges U.S. adults to opinion come choosing day – that’s Nov 8 for USA.

She has a discerning peek during herself in a mirror, pronouncing her demeanour “perfect” (she looks a mess, in box we were wondering), and joins scores of other electorate rocking a just-out-of-bed-and-I-don’t-care look.

Well, some-more like she was arrested by actors in military costumes. Despite her baffling claims, a a structure says, she can opinion naked; it did not trip past a officers. The Katy Perry video was creatively posted to a comical or Die website, though a video gained a lot of courtesy from Perry’s Twitter post.

“Or if you’re like me, we nap naked”, she joked.

Her fans knew something was entrance since Perry, a Hillary Clinton supporter, teased a video Monday on Twitter. Turns out we can’t indeed opinion nude-sorry folks!

“Scratch that. Gotta wear clothes!”


Here’s where it gets some-more interesting. Katy Perry performs before shouting: “See we on Nov 8!” while a military car starts.

Katy Perry Celebrates Voter Registration Day By 'Voting Naked' in Funny Or Die Video