Jury Selection In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial Looks To Be A Challenge

Bill Cosby arrives for jury preference in his passionate attack box during a Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

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Gene J. Puskar/AP

Bill Cosby arrives for jury preference in his passionate attack box during a Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Jury preference starts Monday in a rapist hearing opposite comedian Bill Cosby on transgression charges of passionate attack — and only a few hours into a process, it’s clear that seating a jury is going to be a challenge.

Out of 100 intensity jurors questioned on Monday morning, one-third pronounced they’d already shaped opinions about Cosby’s ignorance or guilt, some-more than a third pronounced they or someone tighten to them had been a plant of passionate assault, and a full two-thirds of probable jurors pronounced portion for a extensive hearing would be a hardship for them, Mark Nootbaar of member hire WESA reports.

“When asked who had listened about a case, 86 [people] lifted their hands,” Nootbaar said.

The box is being listened in a suburb of Philadelphia, though jury preference is holding place in Pittsburgh since of a large broadside a box perceived in a home district, Nootbaar reports.

“Jury preference is approaching to take several days,” he reports, “with hundreds of intensity jurors being questioned.”

More Than 10 Years After Alleged Sexual Assault, Bill Cosby Trial To Begin

Images from outward a building in Pittsburgh uncover photographers surrounding Cosby as he walked toward a building, regulating a cane.

Cosby indicated final week that he doesn’t devise to attest in this trial.

More than 50 women have publicly indicted Cosby of rape or passionate assault. Many of them described a comedian earnest mentorship or advice, plying them with pills or drinks and molesting or raping them while they were drugged.

In NPR And AP Cosby Interviews, A 'No Comment' That Said Everything

But a government of stipulations has lapsed on many of those allegations. The stream case, in Pennsylvania, is an exception. The purported attack occurred in 2004, and a charges were filed only within a 12-year limit.

The story of how the box came to be filed is a extensive saga, involving a polite box that finished in settlement, and an bomb deposition unblocked during a journalist’s request.

Bobby Allyn of member hire WHYY has a full reason of what happened.

In NPR Interview, Bill Cosby Declines To Discuss Assault Allegations

But in brief, Andrea Constand, who used to work with a Temple University women’s basketball team, says Cosby unperceiving her and overwhelmed her sexually, but her consent, after she came to his residence nearby Philadelphia for what she suspicion would be a review about her career.

In a deposition taken some-more than a decade ago in tie to Constand’s allegations, Cosby testified that he performed a opiate Quaalude for a purpose of giving a drug to women he wanted to have sex with. But he denies that he assaulted Constand or a other women who have stepped brazen with accounts of rape or assault.