Investigators Still Looking For Motive Of Las Vegas Shooter


The lethal mass sharpened in Las Vegas happened on Sunday. And now on Friday, investigators are divulgence small if any of a clues they’re posterior into a poser of because a shooter did this. NPR match Leila Fadel joins us now from Las Vegas. And, Leila, what’s a latest in a investigation?

LEILA FADEL, BYLINE: Well, law coercion had their initial lecture for a media in over a day, and there is still no answer to that large doubt – why? Local and law coercion in partnership with a FBI have run down over a thousand leads. They’re classification fact from fiction. And Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill pronounced regularly currently unequivocally with a spirit of annoyance that they don’t know because a shooter did this.


KEVIN MCMAHILL: we will tell you, though, that all of a gossip and conjecture has not been useful to a investigation. In a past, apprehension attacks or mass murder incidents, ground was done really clear, really transparent in many of those cases by a note that was left, by a amicable media post, by a write call that was made, by investigators mining mechanism data. Today in a investigation, we don’t have any of that uncovered. we wish we did.

FADEL: Now a FBI’s seeking for a public’s help. They’re job for anyone who knows anything to call them. And they’re putting it adult on billboards opposite Las Vegas – if we know something, contend something – with their tip line. They’re assured that a shooter was alone in that room. But they wish to know if he spoke to anyone, if anyone knows anything about what led adult to all of this. And they’re looking during all from birth to death.

SIEGEL: Now, yesterday, a authorities expelled a finish list of a deceased. How is a city coping with a issue of all this?

FADEL: Well, this is a city that’s grieving. There was a burial final night to respect Charleston Hartfield, who was an off-duty Las Vegas military officer during a concert, a veteran. He was killed along with 57 other people. And thousands of people incited out to respect him. The city’s opening a commemorative garden tonight with a wall of observance and 58 trees, one for any victim. And they’re also celebrating their heroes. McMahill currently mentioned Jesus Campos, who’s a confidence ensure who went to that room on a 32nd building when a alarm was triggered and got shot and told police. So that is how Las Vegas right now is perplexing to understanding with a aftermath.

SIEGEL: Leila, we now live in Las Vegas. And we know that a weekend is when a city gets going, when a gamblers arrive and a like. What are a signs either this will or won’t be a box this weekend so shortly after this tragedy?

FADEL: Yeah. we mean, all week we’ve been saying some-more and some-more people entrance to Las Vegas. I’ve been saying a throngs of people channel a street. It’s tough to make a turn. And it’s Friday. That’s a day people are checking in. And there are people checking in. Last night we was during a Bellagio, and we saw brides only walking by a lobby. But we’re also saying a small bit of heightened confidence as good – confidence guards during parking lots, checking people’s cars if they’re bigger cars. I’m saying some-more people posted in tools of a casino to look. So you’re really saying heightened security, though it doesn’t seem to be interlude people from entrance here.

SIEGEL: That’s NPR’s Leila Fadel in Las Vegas. Leila, thanks.

FADEL: Thank we so much.

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