International Reactions To U.S. Strike On Syria Are Mixed


We’re going to start with reactions to a U.S. airstrikes on that Syrian atmosphere bottom dual days ago. That was in response to a chemical weapons attack. It was a initial time a U.S. has directly targeted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime after years of polite fight there. The Assad regime has regularly been indicted of atrocities though has denied it. We’ve listened utterly a bit of greeting in new days from lawmakers in a U.S.

So we suspicion we’d try to get a clarity of how people in other tools of a universe are reacting. Later this hour, we’ll also hear from a Syrian-American romantic who’s been lobbying for years to get a U.S. some-more concerned in a conflict. But we’ll start with Al-Jazeera’s Washington business arch Abderrahim Foukara. Abderrahim, interjection so most for fasten us once again.

ABDERRAHIM FOUKARA: Good to be with you, Michel.

MARTIN: So now we know that Russia has strongly objected to a airstrikes. President Vladimir Putin called them a defilement of general law, an act of aggression. Russia is an fan of Assad’s. But what about Syria’s closest neighbors – Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq? What are they saying?

FOUKARA: Well, their reactions run a whole gamut. You have countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey who have been dire for years to have Assad ousted. They haven’t had any success with that. But when a strike happened, they fundamentally saw something really certain in it. There are neighbors who were opposite it. The Iranians echoing a Russian position are apparently strongly opposed. They have a large interest in Syria. They have a large interest like a Russians in Bashar al-Assad indeed staying in power. So they are opposite to this strike.

And afterwards there are those who are ambiguous. Egypt, for instance – it’s historically – there’s always been a arrange of fondness between Cairo and Damascus, and anything that happens to Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, a Egyptians, Cairo, would see it as a hazard to a region. Having pronounced that, they have called for a United States and Russia to arrange of try and arrange out a conditions diplomatically. So as we can see, a reactions – as would have been approaching – they run a whole gamut.

MARTIN: You know, it’s been most remarkable that as a private citizen Donald Trump spoke out adamantly opposite these kinds of troops interventions. He spoke out opposite them again while regulating for president. Much remarkable in this nation this about face – we was wondering what a greeting has been internationally.

FOUKARA: Quite frankly, people in a Middle East, in Europe and elsewhere had begun to despondency about Trump doing anything wilful in unfamiliar policy. And this apparently came as a large surprise. we mean, take a Europeans, for example, we talked about refugees over and over. And they have borne a brunt of a interloper predicament from Syria to such an border that a European Union was on a margin of entrance undone.

So for them to see President Donald Trump arrange of go out of his bombard and finally try to understanding with a conditions in Syria in his possess approach was a acquire pointer from what we could make out to many of them. Remains to be seen how a conditions evolves and what implications, what repercussions it would have for them as good as for Syria’s neighbors in a Middle East.

MARTIN: Obviously one of a questions on a list now is either this was a one-time response or either it’s demonstrative of a change in plan overall. That stays to be seen, though do we have any clarity from your stating of either only this movement alone has altered a dynamics in any approach on a belligerent or has altered a dynamics in any approach in how a act – or as – a categorical players here are behaving?

FOUKARA: If we speak to a Syrian antithesis in areas that a antithesis – as it’s called a assuage antithesis to Bashar al-Assad is located in Syria – obviously, they are so desperate. They have been so unfortunate in new months since everybody had been presaging a genocide of a antithesis in light of a troops victories that Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies and Hezbollah have been scoring.

So this might not be sum fool to them, though it’s really given them hopes that during slightest this administration doesn’t seem to be totally unattached from a Syria dispute since there was a lot of severity opposite a Obama administration. They felt that, we know, he’d cut them loose, either that was loyal or not. But now they feel that with this during slightest President Trump is promulgation a message, not only to Bashar al-Assad though to a general village that he is focused on what’s going on in Syria and hasn’t bequeathed a predicament totally to a Russians.

MARTIN: That’s Al-Jazeera’s Washington business arch Abderrahim Foukara articulate with us in a studios in Washington, D.C. Abderrahim, interjection so most for vocalization with us.

FOUKARA: Great to be with you, Michel.

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