Intel Signs On As An Olympic Sponsor, Promising Virtual Reality And 360-Degree Video

Intel says it will move practical reality, drones and 360-degree to destiny Olympics, after signing a understanding to turn a worldwide Olympic partner by 2024. The association says it will move a technical bravery to a arriving Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Intel “will accelerate a adoption of record for a destiny of sports on a world’s largest jaunty stage,” CEO Brian Krzanich pronounced in a matter about a company’s plan.

The International Olympic Committee and Intel announced a new sponsorship understanding Wednesday. If a skeleton live adult to high expectations, Intel’s appearance could change a approach we watch a Olympics.

Some highlights:

  • Intel will offer “the initial live practical existence promote of a Olympic Winter Games” to douse fans in a action.
  • 360-degree replay record will let viewers besiege moments and watch them “from each angle during a Olympic venues.”
  • Drones will put on a light uncover that “will emanate never-seen-before images in a sky.”

In a pointer that a new trend of vouchsafing Olympics viewers to select their possess calm will continue, Intel and a IOC contend they will give fans “the energy to select what they wish to see” and how they knowledge it.

The technological changes aren’t a usually thing that will be opposite about a Pyeongchang Games. In March, NBC pronounced that it would finish a longtime use of broadcasting time-delayed coverage of events.