Ice Cube Educates Bill Maher on Use of a ‘N’ Word [Video]

Bill MaherEarlier this month, on “Real Time with Bill Maher” a speak uncover horde referred to himself as a “House N*gga” when asked by Sen. Ben Sasse to come “work in a fields” of Nebraska. This argumentative criticism caused many luminary guest to behind out of scheduled appearances on a show. Ice Cube, who recently seemed on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to foster a recover of his “Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary” edition, had other plans. The rapper motionless to use his guest mark as an event to teach Bill Maher on a use of a “N” word and since he perceived so many kickback.

This might not have been a initial time Maher used a “N” word on his uncover or in comedic appearances, though it will substantially be a last. The comedian mostly stands adult for a African-American village and according to him, meant no harm. While some have supposed his reparation and changed on, others are still dissapoint that Maher felt absolved adequate to use it.

Many time as it relates to comedy no theme is protected from being a theme of a joke, though a emanate of “taste” lies mostly in a doubt of context. However, how it is communicated and by whom are what matters most. Jokes about amicable groupings can be descent when told by someone from outward that village since in a context it is formed wholly on a idea of “otherness” that is borne of some kind of prejudice. Told from within such a group, a fun can irradiate a common knowledge within a organisation and can mishandle a prejudices quite by personification on them. This order seems to cover a party attention opposite a board.

It is no tip that a “N” word is a coarse and outrageous term, with a story filled with pain. The word is an pornographic Bill Mahersmear combined for a specific purpose of putting Black America in their place, relegating them to second-class citizenship, and alerting a dictated plant that he is reduction than human. As such, many, even outward of a African-American village courtesy it as one of a many offensive terms in a English denunciation and determine that it has no place in open discourse.

Ice Cube shares this opinion of resourceful use and prepared Maher on a use of a “N” word. Although a horde was discerning to apologize, a rapper wanted to know what led Maher to cranky a line. As a contention continued, Ice Cube said:

That’s a word, we can’t have it back. You know, it’s a word that has been used opposite us. It’s like a knife, man. You can use it as a arms or we can use it as a tool. It’s when we use it as a arms opposite us, by white people, and we’re not going to let that happened again … since it’s not cool. When we hear my homie contend it, it doesn’t feel like venom. When we hear a white chairman contend it, it feels like that blade stabbing you, even if they don’t meant to.” … That’s a word now and we can’t have it back.”

Maher’s use of a secular offence on “Real Time” cut low with many viewers. Multiple celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, common their disturbance with a “N” word. While Maher has apologized for a remark, Oprah shares on “Access Hollywood’” since she believes a “N” word should never be used underneath any circumstances. The OWN creator said:

“I trust that it should not be a partial of a denunciation in a Lexicon. we have this smashing coffee list book that sits in my vital room called, “Freedom.” One of a pages in there that sears my mind is a lynching of a family. There is a whole host of people that come out to watch like it is a sport. we always consider about this family and that being a final word they heard.

I had a same review with Jay Z who said, ‘We can take a energy back. We are holding changing a energy and holding a energy out of a word.’ we told him, ‘You can never change it for that family or for a people who this was a final word they listened when they were hung, dismembered or degraded.’ So, we now know it is an evidence that we am not going to win in my lifetime and that is okay.”

While many determine with Oprah, some disagree, and feel, nonetheless it is a double standard, it depends on how and with whom a word is used. They determine with Ice Cube and Jay Z that there is some empowerment to holding a word behind and regulating it within a African-American village as prolonged as it is managed scrupulously within a user’s discretion. Kudos to Ice Cube for educating Bill Maher on a use of a “N” word in a veteran and deferential manner.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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