Hundreds Of Thousands Of ‘Missing’ Educators; A Hundred Thousand Homeless Students

Homeless students

Homeless students

We’re doing things by a numbers this week in a weekly roundup of all things education.

167 of 1,113 open schools in Puerto Rico are open

The island’s secretary of education, Julia Keleher, told NPR Ed that she hopes a infancy of open schools will be open by Oct. 23 after a extinction of Hurricane Maria. We visited dual that are usurpation students now, charity dishes and comfort along with education.

48 percent graduation rate during some for-profit and practical schools

Two new investigations puncture into K-12 licence schools that are online, for-profit, or both. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has touted these models as innovative, and her family invested in one of a largest providers, K12 Inc.

USA Today and ProPublica focused on those that publicize as “dropout recovery” or “alternative” schools. Their articles found that, “Auditors have indicted for-profit castaway liberation schools in Ohio, Illinois and Florida of improperly collecting open income for dead students.”

Meanwhile, Politico looked during online licence schools in Pennsylvania: “The practical licence schools’ total graduation rate is a gloomy 48 percent. Not one practical licence propagandize meets a state’s ‘passing’ benchmark.”

110,000 New York City students are homeless

New data uncover that in one of a nation’s largest open propagandize systems, a record 1 in 10 children have no permanent place to nap during night. The series is double what it was a decade ago. The New York City schools Chancellor Carmen Farina affianced progressing this year to make aiding homeless students a priority.

This map shows that schools in New York City have a top thoroughness of homeless students.

327,000 open educators are “missing”

The left-leaning Economic Policy Institute reports that a series of people operative in open schools national is 128,000 fewer than it was a decade ago, before a Great Recession. But if staffing had kept adult with enrollment growth, EPI calculates, 327,000 some-more jobs would exist today. The shortfall, they concluded, is mostly due to supervision cutbacks.

53 percent of college students are part-timers and/or transfers

Until this week, a sovereign supervision collected and published central graduation rates usually for first-time, full-time college students, who are now a minority of all students.

A new information recover fills in that opening for a initial time, and also alone collects a graduation rates of low-income Pell Grant recipients. The new information forms a some-more finish design of how colleges that essentially offer a operative category and working-age tyro are doing. For example, writes Michael Itzkowitz of Third Way, a Democratic centrist consider tank, a University of Maryland University College graduates usually 10 percent of a first-time, full-time students. But 43 percent of a send students, who are distant some-more numerous, acquire a degree.

13,000 propagandize play opposite a nation wish we to run for office, a database designed to make it easier to enter politics, has only combined propagandize house to a searchable list of internal inaugurated positions.