HTC U 11 with Edge Sense and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 strictly launched

HTC is so claiming a U11 as a initial phone that can most take photos underwater (it’s also waterproof). And yes, there won’t be a nearby bezel-less arrangement on a front, distinct other flagships. The phone is a lot capable.

By default, a U11 is preset to respond to a brief fist by rising a camera app, and afterwards a second one to constraint an picture once it loads.

HTC stays a renouned manufacturer on a Android height though a tech organisation has enjoyed some-more important success in a a year ago with a launch of a practical existence headset Vive.

But it’s a underline that a iPhone 7 can match, with that phone charity accurately a same turn of resistance.

Unlike drumming and swiping on screens, a fist movement can be achieved with gloves on or in soppy conditions.

The shining and stout steel pattern denunciation that HTC religiously followed could be transposed by a silken and some-more colourful potion and steel chassis.

As for a cameras, HTC is focusing on speed and opening rather than undisguised peculiarity this year. After all, it certain is pretty, though does it embody a forms of facilities we wish in a 2017, $700 phone?

Design: The HTC U11 has a slim, polished pattern that trumps a stylish HTC 10 – and bundles in a new fist control resource called “Edge Sense” for good measure.

Billed as an discerning record that will “fundamentally change a approach we use your device”, Extended Touch is enabled by pressure-sensitive pads in a left and right-hand sides of a reduce apportionment of a phone.

Neither of these phones are lacking when it comes to power. The HTC U11 comes with a 5.5-inch Quad HD Super LCD 5 arrangement layered with Gorilla Glass 5. Teased early final month with a freaky tagline “Squeeze for a Brilliant”, HTC’s latest flagship set tongues wagging and overactive imaginations using over time.

The new U11 duration is a initial place you’ll find HTC’s possess Companion partner alongside a Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa all in one place.

The Huawei Mate 9 also offers both assistants, though a U11 goes a step further. Would we be meddlesome in shopping this when it comes to India?

HTC says that a underline will have some-more functionality in Jul when a association releases a Edge Sense app. In 2016, they launched a HTC 10, that was a good smartphone though marginally behind a Samsung Galaxies and Google Pixels. It’s also distant incomparable than a 1,960mAh one in a iPhone 7. We don’t know when Motorola’s Alexa efforts will be revealed, though it seems like Alexa on a U11 is a chronicle to beat.

Coming to a camera department, a HTC U11 facilities a 12 MP UltraPixel 3-branded section on a rear, while a selfie limp is entrance during 16 MP.


Earlier: Just after a CES 2017, HTC denounced a new U array smartphones with a silken finish physique and reward cost tag. But, we won’t have entrance to some colors during launch as usually 3 of them are currently being done accessible – blue, black and silver. The upshot is that it now understands some-more commands and allows we to do some-more with your voice alone. If we can understanding with Sprint, it’s substantially value preordering too, given HTC is charity a span of Amazon Echo Dot smart-speakers for everybody who does.

Video Confirms HTC U11 Design, Showcases “Edge Sense” Squeezing Features