How to Use a Google Keyword Planner for SEO

The Google Keyword Planner can be seen as a some-more focused chronicle of a AdWords Traffic Estimator and a Google Keyword Tool dropped in 2013. The Google Keyword Planner is ostensible to make it easier to emanate new ad campaigns and targeted ad groups for compensate per click advertisers. While a information for a Google Keyword Planner is lopsided in preference of advertisers, we can use it as partial of a hunt engine optimization strategy. In this article, we’re going to deliver we to some of a tool’s facilities and how to use them for SEO purposes.

Why You Want to Use Google Keyword Planner for SEO

The Google Keyword Planner still gives we information useful for hunt engine optimization like hunt volume. Google’s hunt volume numbers are estimates, not tangible data. The apparatus tells we a keyword difficulty, that we can take as a idea to find some other SEO tenure to try to optimize your calm for. Keyword information like cost per click lets we know how many other businesses are peaceful to deposit in a pivotal hunt terms, a magnitude of their value if we can arrange good for a term, and an denote of a acclimatisation rate for that traffic. Keyword information lets we guess your luck of ranking high for a term, and we can also hunt for hyper-local hunt terms.

How to Use a Keyword Planner for SEO

The Google Keyword Planner is free, though we have to have an AdSense comment to entrance a tool. However, we do not have to indeed emanate an ad campaign.

Once we record in, name “Tools and Analysis” to see a keyword planner. From here, we can hunt for keywords and ad organisation ideas, enter keywords for estimates for things like traffic, or even enter keyword lists to examination one SEO tenure contra another. The Keyword Planner is mostly used for keyword suggestions, that is because acid for ad organisation ideas and keywords receives a many traffic. So, to use a apparatus for SEO purposes, click on that option.

The Keyword Planner lets we hunt around keywords, that we can enter manually. The information here is an denote of that pivotal hunt terms are value a SEO effort, such as a terms that have small foe and high acclimatisation rates.

You can enter a alighting page – your possess or someone else’s – to learn that keywords are applicable to a page. This lets we see your site as a hunt engine does, and it indicates possibly we need to change a pivotal hunt terms of your calm or metadata to arrange improved for a terms we wanted to dominate. The Google Keyword Planner also lets we hunt by product category. This choice allows we to see a information from thousands of already tracked keyword categories.

You can bar or embody keywords formed on a CPC cost or those that are already compared with your account. You can embody and bar keywords formed on estimated monthly hunt volume. This lets we filter out a terms that accept roughly no trade or accept so many trade that you’re doubtful to arrange good regulating a terms. Keyword foe gives we privately that information.

When we set these aim parameters, we can perspective keywords in a interface in possibly a grouped perspective or list view. The list perspective is homogeneous to keyword niches, while a organisation perspective is identical to a keyword list. As we find earnest terms that have poignant trade though comparatively small foe or foe we could simply beat, we can start to emanate a keyword plan.

An Overview of a Keyword Plan

If we will be operative with AdWords advertising, a Google Keyword Planner lets we take a terms and criteria we comparison and privately ask an guess and examination for your Google AdWords campaign. You would afterwards be billed for clicks on a new ads as they are displayed.

If your vigilant is a hunt engine optimization of your content, your devise is to change a keywords compared with your calm and subdomains so they arrange aloft in hunt engine results. The routine of updating your calm and metadata is adult to you.


The Google Keyword Planner transposed a Google Keyword Tool and was dictated to make it easier to name pivotal terms for PPC campaigns and strategically devise your ad campaigns. While a apparatus streamlines a routine of handling Google ads, it can be used to brand pivotal hunt terms we should cruise for your possess SEO strategy. It also lets we see a relations success of your stream SEO devise relations to a terms we wish to dominate, as good as perspective a hunt terms your foe is using.