Houston Experiences Extreme Flooding As Rain Continues To Fall From Harvey


We lapse to a categorical story, a inauspicious flooding in Texas, where rains from Tropical Storm Harvey are pouring down. We’ve reached Andrew Schneider, contributor with Houston Public Media. He’s trapped in a building in Houston. Andrew, welcome.


MARTINEZ: First off, how are we doing? Are we in any danger? What’s your situation?

SCHNEIDER: I’m holding my possess during a moment. I’m about 4 stories up. I’m indeed during home.


SCHNEIDER: And as prolonged as we stay put, I’m substantially in a good position. It’s flattering plain construction here. But, we know, they are advising people to stay indoors and keep as high adult as possible. And nonetheless I’m still saying some people watchful around in a streets, that is rather unsettling given they’re holding their life in their hands.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, we got a flattering singular view. You pronounced we were a few stories up. we mean, what else are we saying out there? we – yeah.

SCHNEIDER: Well, we mean, I’m indeed nearby a core of a city, so we can see a skyline from here. But looking true down, midtown Houston is radically incited into a swamp. In fact, flattering most given late final night, it’s indeed sounded like a swamp.


SCHNEIDER: There’s been an ongoing carol – nonstop carol of frogs going on. More seriously, though, we mean, a travel is several inches low underwater. The H2O is indeed moving. The final time we saw any kind of automobile that was means to make it through, it was a draw truck. And it looked unequivocally most like it was going to get stranded for a while.

More dramatically, though, a position that I’m during overlooks U.S. 59, also famous as a Southwest Freeway, that is one of a categorical arteries going by a city. And it is totally underwater. It’s fundamentally incited into a river, that is unequivocally not that most of a warn given a approach that this highway is slanted, it goes down towards Brays Bayou, one of a categorical rivers that indeed runs by a city.

And NOAA listed that as being in a vital inundate theatre several hours ago. So each time there’s a vital flooding event, it goes true adult this highway – never this distant as prolonged as I’ve lived here, though.

MARTINEZ: Now, final time we checked in Houston with someone else, they pronounced that a sleet had stopped. Is it still stopped, or is it starting to sleet again?

SCHNEIDER: No it’s started raining again.


SCHNEIDER: And in fact, we’re approaching to have it intermittently via a day and substantially for a subsequent few days, that is a genuine worry because, we know, we can conduct like this for maybe a day or two. But already, there’s unequivocally no place for a H2O to go during this point. So a longer a sleet keeps falling, a some-more it’s going to behind adult and a aloft it’s going to get.

MARTINEZ: Are we means to get out of your building? Are we stranded there? And what have we listened about when we competence be means to leave?

SCHNEIDER: I’m stuck. we attempted walking out early this morning, before we was unequivocally means to see only how bad it was. And what we satisfied is – we took a few stairs outward a front door, and we was already about several inches low in my galoshes, and a H2O was moving. So it was flattering transparent to me that perplexing to get any over would be rather dangerous.

The parking lot, that is indeed an interior parking lot to my building, is also flooding during this point. So it could be, if this keeps adult for most longer, that I’m not (laughter) going to be means to pierce my automobile during all.

MARTINEZ: Well, Andrew, stay safe. It’s only – we can’t trust you’re in that situation. Andrew Schneider is a contributor with Houston Public Media. Andrew, appreciate we unequivocally most for fasten us.

SCHNEIDER: Thanks for carrying me.

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