House Freedom Caucus Congressman Believes Next Health Care Legislation Will Pass


And now we’re going to conduct to a other side of a Capitol to speak about a transformation within a Republican Party that’s played a large purpose in President Trump’s initial 100 days.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: we never pronounced dissolution and reinstate Obamacare. You’ve all listened my speeches. we never pronounced dissolution it and reinstate it within 64 days. we have a prolonged time.

MARTIN: That’s President Trump. Of course, he did guarantee to dissolution a Affordable Care Act. And when he didn’t attain during initial he blamed a congress of his possess celebration for removing in a way. That would be a Freedom Caucus. So we suspicion we’d also like to hear from one of a pivotal members about a initial 100 days. Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio is a co-founder and before led a group. Congressman Jordan, appreciate we so most for vocalization with us.

JIM JORDAN: Good to be with you.

MARTIN: So we only listened from Senator Charles Grassley. So I’ll start by seeking we a same doubt we asked him – how do we weigh how President Trump is doing so far?

JORDAN: Well, we consider a administration’s off to a good start with Neil Gorsuch on a Supreme Court. You know, so most of a discuss final year was about who is going to be on a Supreme Court, who’s going to be means to make that nomination. And then, of course, we consider Jeff Sessions regulating a Justice Department. Some of your listeners might disagree, though we consider a prior Justice Department was distant too focused on politics and not on a order of law and not on administering a law and enforcing a law and on administering justice. So I’m – we consider dual things we can indicate to that uncover a good start they’re off to.

MARTIN: The Freedom Caucus unequivocally showed a strength when it prevented a opinion on President Trump’s due health caring check progressing this month. And following that defeat, a boss tweeted, quote, “The Freedom Caucus will harm a whole Republican bulletin if they don’t get on a group and fast,” unquote. How would we report what we consider a purpose of a Freedom Caucus is in propinquity to a Trump administration?

JORDAN: Well, we mean, initial of all, tweets and statements and censure don’t change facts. And a contribution were that a check as creatively introduced wasn’t what we told a American people we were going to do. What did we tell them we were going to do?

We told them we were going to dissolution Obamacare. Let’s do all we can to make that happen. We told them we were going to remodel a taxation code. Let’s do that. We told them we were going to secure a southern border, build a wall. Let’s do that. We told them we were going to strengthen a military. So let’s do what we said. It is no some-more difficult than that. Now, removing it finished in this crazy town, infrequently that’s a small harder. But that’s a goal and that’s what we’re about.

MARTIN: So on Thursday, House Republican leaders again behind a due opinion on legislation to dissolution tools of a Affordable Care Act. And in a review right now we seem really optimistic. we consider we feel that you’ve softened a situation, that we feel this is a right proposal. But do we feel that you’ve got something that will indeed pass both houses during this point?

JORDAN: we do consider we’re going to get a votes in a House and get it over to a Senate. As we pronounced before, that we have to be honest with a American people. We are not removing a full repeal, so we’ve got some-more work to do in a Senate, some-more work to do down a highway to accomplish what we said. But we consider this is a best we’re going to get out of a House, and so we’re for it. We’ve been perplexing to make it better. We now consider we have it during a indicate where it is better.

Because of a engagement, since we hold out, since we got concerned in this discuss over a final 8 weeks, we now have legislation where all a Obamacare taxes are left right away. You have legislation where robust folks in a Medicaid population, a Medicaid enlargement race have a work component. And, of course, this newest amendment that has brought Freedom Caucus members on house is we during slightest give states a ability to relinquish out of those pivotal Obamacare regulations that expostulate adult a cost of premiums. we consider a vast, immeasurable infancy of a House Freedom Caucus supports a legislation, and we consider we’re genuine tighten to carrying a altogether votes we need.

MARTIN: That’s Congressman Jim Jordan. He represents Ohio’s 4th Congressional District. He’s a former chair of a House Freedom Caucus. And he was good adequate to speak to us from a Capitol. Congressman Jordan, appreciate we so most for vocalization to us.

JORDAN: You bet.

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