#HappyBirthday: Quintessential Twitter Feature Turns 10

Ten years ago currently Chris Messina posted a initial hashtag on Twitter: How do we feel about regulating # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

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Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Ten years ago currently Chris Messina posted a initial hashtag on Twitter: How do we feel about regulating # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

The hashtag is 10! Yes, a pitch that started out as a squalid “number sign” or “pound” on a write keypad and after morphed into something entirely different is 10 years aged today. And it has achieved utterly a lot. In fact, it’s tough to suppose complicated communication though it.

And we competence consider it was all by design. That a folks regulating Twitter indispensable a familiar small apparatus to assistance their new height locate fire, and a hashtag is what they came adult with.

But that’s not a approach it happened.

Twitter didn’t even emanate a hashtag. The man who did emanate it, Chris Messina, a former Google engineer, is austere that he did not emanate it for Twitter. And Twitter wasn’t certain it even indispensable a hashtag.

Here’s how it happened: Ten years ago, Messina and his programmer friends were flourishing increasingly undone with a approach communication worked on a Internet. As earnest as Twitter seemed to be, it was a jumble. It lacked a approach of organizing a many tweets that were entrance in. Their solution: Start regulating tags.

Back in May, Wired magazine dull adult Messina and a few others who were benefaction during a origination to relive a moment.

Chris Messina: Ten years ago we were during South by Southwest in Austin when Twitter was unequivocally floating up. But there were a lot of people behind in San Francisco undone that their Twitter feeds were full of stories from Austin that were not applicable to them. There was no approach of organizing tweets so we knew what to compensate courtesy to and what to ignore.”

Messina pronounced he sought impulse from Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, a use techies mostly used to promote online communities:

I’d been an active user on IRC for a while, and they had this judgment of channels, that we named with a bruise pitch and a word. So one day, in Aug 2007, we went to Twitter’s domicile in South Park, in San Francisco. we didn’t unequivocally know anybody, though we walked adult to Biz Stone and was like, ‘Hey, we’ve been articulate about this problem with groups on Twitter. What do we consider about regulating bruise black to tab posts?’

Biz Stone (Twitter Co-founder): we don’t consider he was proposing an tangible complement by that we would hunt or arrangement a tags. He was only observant people should use tags. we said, ‘OK, though what do we wish me to do about that? Go forward and do it.’ “

And that’s what they did. A few months after hashtags would start to locate glow since people wanted to find out some-more about, well, a fire.

This account is from Wednesday’s Irish Times:

“October of that year (2007) a initial large hashtag debate took off. Nate Ridder was perplexing to collect stating about fires that had damaged out in southern California into docile streams. He did so with a hashtag #sandiegofire, and over dozens of posts his reader bottom came to know and know a definition and application of that odd, small angled grid.”

Two years later, hashtags had turn so renouned that Twitter organised a grave adoption, and a rest, shall we say, is hashtag history.