Green Bay QB Rodgers Had Knee Surgery

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he had knee medicine days after Green Bay was separated from a playoffs, according to a report.

Rodgers was named to a Pro Bowl final month though incited down a coming due to an vague injury.

Rodgers told on Friday night that he was “doing well” and “recovering on schedule”.

The news describes a procession as a “clean-up of an aged injury”, according to an unnamed source, though a accurate inlet of a damage and a start sojourn unclear.

Rodgers’s usually damage listed by a Packers during this past unchanging deteriorate was a shoulder injury. It’s not famous when he might have been injured, though did take a shot to his left knee opposite a Lions on Nov 15. Rodgers available 3,821 yards, his lowest outlay in a deteriorate where he played some-more than 9 games.

The damage could assistance explain, during slightest in part, because Rodgers’ prolongation forsaken in 2015.

He also gifted career lows with a 60.7 execution percentage, 238.8 flitting yards per diversion and 6.7 yards per attempt. That medicine was to repair a ripped ACL Rodgers suffered personification basketball years earlier. ESPN reports he will “likely” be prepared to join a Packers when they start their offseason module this April.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers underwent knee medicine within a few days of a playoff detriment to a Arizona Cardinals according to a news from ESPN