Google Tez is a mobile payments app done for India

Google Tez, a UPI formed mobile payments app has finally been launched in India after several leaks and confirmations. One has to simply couple comment to Tez over UPI to now send income from bank to bank. It is formed on UPI – a payments custom built by government-backed National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

For income transfers, there is a extent of $1,561 (INR1 Lakh) in one day opposite all UPI apps, and 20 transfers in one day. This will concede we to send income regulating Account number, UPI ID, phone number, or QR code. This mobile remuneration use is accessible in English and opposite dialects-Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi.

Google has also announced “Tez for Business”, an app that will capacitate merchants to rivet directly with customers. Even a app can be cumulative with a Google PIN or a shade lock. Beyond that, your bank might assign fees or might levy additional requirements. The app is also accessible on iOS with support for iPhone 4S and newer, so covering a really good apportionment of a smartphone market. Google is also operative with remuneration aggregators such as BillDesk and PayU to move some-more businesses onto a Tez platform. The focus also allows a “Cash Mode” choice that lets a user send or accept payments to anyone circuitously but pity details. The app is downloadable for both Android and iOS. So for example, a subsequent time you’re eating during Dominos or roving by RedBus, we can make digital remuneration regulating Tez. Unified Payments Interface, that enables a use concordant with all a vital banks. You need to use Tez for creation payments and if we win, a annuity goes true to your account. “Google Digital Payment Aap “TEJ” is a First product for India, initial to foster growth, emanate jobs and make lives better”, Ministry of Finance pronounced in a tweet.

Mobile remuneration options have been on a arise and with wallet options like PayTM that got a lot some-more approval after a Indian govt. chose to demonetize dual banking records prior year, a adoption rate for digital payments by smartphones has been high. The user can also do all this by promulgation a summary from a purebred series by “Tez” interface.

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