French magistrates doubt Sarkozy over domestic financing

PARIS (AP) – French magistrates handed former President Nicolas Sarkozy rough charges Tuesday for suspected bootleg overspending on his unsuccessful 2012 re-election campaign, his latest authorised difficulty forward of an approaching new presidential bid subsequent year.

Now France’s categorical antithesis leader, Sarkozy was questioned Tuesday by judges questioning a check complement his celebration and a association named Bygmalion allegedly used to censor unapproved overspending.

Several executives of a association Bygmalion, accountant and some former officials of a UMP, have famous a existence of this fraud, yet no protagonist has indicted Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sarkozy, who led a nation from 2007 before losing to Francois Hollande in 2012, has always denied any believe of a fake accounting.

The pierce is a preface to a probable hearing yet it does not lead automatically to prosecution. He trails center-right opposition Alain Juppe by a substantial domain in opinion polls.

“It is usually about surpassing a volume of debate spending”, he said. However, he stays remembered since of a purported fake activities of his campaign.

Despite his austere denials, a review has found that Sarkozy had asked for some-more debate events in mid-March 2012, around dual months before a vote.

His debate director, Guillaume Lambert, has told military he warned Sarkozy of a risk of breaching financing limits.

It is pronounced that a accounting dialect of a PR organisation charged 18.5 million euros ($20 million) to a UMP – a celebration of Sarkozy during that time – instead of charging a losses to Sarkozy’s campaign, AFP added.

France's Sarkozy confronting judges over 2012 debate financing