Financial donations indispensable to assistance Hurricane Harvey victims

“The shelters in Houston are stuffing adult and it’s violent a volume of H2O that this whirly has dumped on that area”, pronounced Major Linda Keeney, manager of a Abilene Salvation Army.

Fuller pronounced a group will be in Texas for dual weeks. However with a assistance of several agencies like a Salvation Army, those influenced will not be forgotten. Major Greg Thompson in Omaha says some-more are on a way.

The Stillwater Corps isn’t certain accurately what a people will be doing, though Flowers says there is a good possibility they’ll be cooking.

According to Jeffrey Goldberg, a puncture government executive of Walton County, there is not a list of needs from Texas yet.

Damage from Hurricane Harvey has stirred response from organizations opposite a country, including those in and around Jacksonville.

The Red Cross is opening shelters, promulgation reserve and putting volunteers in place around Texas.

If we would like to help, a best approach is to make a donation.

“We’re all everybody’s hermit and sister out here, a one large family in my opinion”, McNichols said. Friday a Humane Society of North Texas perceived 13 dogs and 9 cats that were evacuated from a Corpus Christi area.

The Salvation Army in Panama City is lending a assisting palm and scheming for their tour to Texas. Checks can also be mailed to a Salvation Army, P.O. Box 1959, Atlanta, GA 30301 and appropriate “Hurricane Harvey” on a check.

The Bentonville, Ark. -based tradesman and a substructure are operative closely with organizations such as a Red Cross, Convoy of Hope and Salvation Army while coordinating efforts with inaugurated officials and bureaucratic organizations to assist.

Cindy Fuller has volunteered with a group for 12 years.

Tulsa Salvation Army mouthpiece D.J. Morrow pronounced a organisation will safeguard that food is distributed as available. Eight of those units are from Arkansas and Oklahoma.


A trailer will be located during a Ballpark of a Palm Beaches to collect donations that will be sent to Houston.

Tom Thuecks