Fans fume (unfairly?) during Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman’ salary

As a Daily Dot notes, a vast income opening between Gadot and Cavill might be due to Hollywood’s gender compensate gap. So, one would design that a star such as Gal Gadot, who carried this superhit film (and also, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where she was merely a side-character) would be rolling in some critical dough.

So, if we’re comparing Ben Affleck’s entrance film to Gadot’s, she done only 1.1% of his salary. And Henry Cavill warranted $14 million for a initial time he played Superman in “Man of Steel”.

For comparison, Henry Cavill done a whopping $14 million for personification Superman in Man of Steel alone.

And if her Wonder Woman agreement still stays this way, Gadot might have to only hang it out and take a $300,000 per design deal, even as we know only how many one of her associate DCEU masculine co-stars made. Seriously, watch your back, Hollywood studios; ruin hath no ire like an singer who would maybe, during some point, like to be paid a income that is co-ordinate with her masculine counterparts, if it isn’t too many trouble.

A source told TMZ that Gadot – who appears alongside Chris Pine and Robin Wright in a superhero journey – will accept mixed times value her bottom rate, nonetheless a final figure has nonetheless to be unveiled.

Fret not for Gadot, however: After she finishes a endless reshoots for Justice League, her contractual obligations will be met, and Warner Bros. will expected flare over large bucks to pointer Gadot for Wonder Woman 2 and beyond.

In an talk published Tuesday in Variety, Warner Bros. So a fact that Patty Jenkins crushed annals left, right and centre with her directorial charity of Wonder Woman should be a bit of a feat for women in film, right? After a large success of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has strictly sealed on as executive for a sequel.


There is fashion for group in a same roles to be paid a same amount; Chris Evans took home a reported US$300k for his initial lean during being ‘Captain America.’ “Course his take-home fist-o”-change has increasing significantly in a indirect series”. The film has already proven itself to be a many critically successful film in a DC Extended Universe, and now it looks to be on a approach to apropos a many remunerative as well.

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