Family Seeking Help After Eight-Month-Old Daughter Become Three Stone

She is only 8 months aged baby though her weight is approach some-more than her age and doctors trust that this is all since of some singular health condition.

Well, we are articulate about a small girl, Chahat, who is a second child of Suraj Kumar, 23, and Reena, 21.

Her father explains, “During her birth, all was normal, though shortly we beheld that she’s gaining weight abruptly”.

“In small 8 months, her weight has reached to 3 mill and now, she has started carrying problems in respirating and sleeping”, he added.

Her mom said, “due to bad financial condition, we are incompetent to see a large doctor”.

As of now, a internal doctor, who looks after small Chahat, said: “if we destroy to do anything, a consequences competence not be good”.