Ex-deputy charged with stealing drugs, toys

A Meeker County sheriff’s deputy accused of stealing prescription drugs and toys from children faces nine criminal counts ranging from felonies to petty misdemeanors.

The Meeker County drug drop box is part of a nationwide program through the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to fight prescription drug abuse.

Video surveillance confirmed that Sebring would sometimes take the contents of the box to a stairwell and then return the plastic tote to the box, according to the complaint.

A Meeker County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested on suspicion of stealing from two Meeker County community initiatives: controlled substances from a drop box for unwanted medications and toys from a toy drive. Cruze was allegedly watching the live lobby surveillance camera at 8:30 p.m. on January 26 when he saw an investigator carry to the box a plastic bag with Eddie Bauer’s logo on it. The bag, which the investigator placed in the box, contained 23 tablets of hydrocodone, according to the complaint.

He made his first appearance in Meeker County District Court Thursday and voluntarily resigned his position as sheriff’s deputy.

Investigators then confronted Sebring about the theft investigation. He said he took two garbage bags full of toys on December 19, which he gave to family members, according to the complaint. He also admitted to authorities he had taken a wooden chair from the county government building and had it in his garage.

When questioned by investigators, Sebring admitted to taking the medications from the box for personal use, and has been doing so for as long as a year.

A search warrant also revealed Sebring stole toys from a toy drive that had taken place at the Meeker County courthouse over the holiday season. “It didn’t matter to me whether or not he was wearing a badge, we treat the situation the same way”.