Elephant Killing in Asian Countries have increasing 25 % in 2 years

Despite a general anathema on a murdering of elephants, in Asian countries, a murdering has augmenting by 25 percent in new dual years.

According to a report, poachers are murdering elephants mostly for their skin, that is sole $60 per KG in Chinese state.

People in China trust that skin of a elephants helps majorly in problems associated to Digestive System.

Skins are also used to make Jewelry and medicine.

A recent raid in a south-west China suggested that hundreds of kilogram of skins are being exported on daily basis, notwithstanding a general anathema over poaching.

An Asian elephant expert, Dr. Khyne U Mar, pronounced “I am really endangered about this trade. It is really new.We recently started anticipating augmenting amounts of cut-up, dusty elephant skin”.