‘Destiny’ Hosting More Events Like Multiplayer Sparrow Racing, Less DLC Signal

Bungie done an proclamation during PlayStation Experience 2015 on their new diversion eventuality for Destiny, identical from what they did on Halloween for their Festival of a Lost diversion event, this time they are hosting a new event, though with a singular twist.

Gamers are now means to take on a Golgoroth Challenge in Destiny’s King’s Fall raid.

“Rather than doing these giant, monolithic DLC packs, this approach everybody who’s an owners of Taken King can suffer these things”, he explained, adding a sign that these things will be totally free outward of a cosmetic items. Speaking to Eurogamer, comparison engineer Derek Carroll strew some light on a matter.

A new feat detected in Destiny this week allows players to get certain microtransaction rewards though indeed spending genuine money.

Update 2.1.0 brings with it a Sparrow Racing League, that Bungie denounced this past weekend during PSX.

The latest update with Sparrow Racing will run a eventuality in a Tower until Dec 29, according to an central matter from Bungie.

Cutting out a expansions in 2016 positively digs into a increase for a game, though as Destiny players now know, they are some new microtransactions in a shooter that they’ll use to make adult for that. Despite usually going live yesterday, it seems that players have been discerning to comfortable to a new activity, as a fan-created leaderboard plan has already been combined and is now tracking times for all to see.

To keep income issuing into what could be deliberate “free” expansions, Bungie sells cosmetic calm like costumes, dance emotes, and other fun things that offer 0 advantages in rival multiplayer.

Destiny creatively attempted to take a console-style thought of DLC packs and recover them for what’s really a vital and respirating role-playing some-more same to a PC game.

You can review Carroll’s whole talk with Eurogamer here.

Sparrow Racing comes to Destiny