Covfefe Kerfuffle: Trump’s Typo Sparks A Search For Meaning, And Humor

A late-night twitter by President Trump, that has given been deleted, caused a stir with a discuss of “negative press covfefe.”

@realDonaldTrump/Screenshot by NPR

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@realDonaldTrump/Screenshot by NPR

A late-night twitter by President Trump, that has given been deleted, caused a stir with a discuss of “negative press covfefe.”

@realDonaldTrump/Screenshot by NPR

What do we do about a problem like covfefe? That word from President Trump’s late twitter set Twitter fervent overnight, sparking jokes and quasi-definitions of what seems to have been a typo. The covfefe kerfuffle is a new sign that we’re vital in a singular domestic era: even a difference are code new.

The twitter — “Despite a consistent disastrous press covfefe” — was retweeted and favourite some-more than 100,000 times after it was posted around midnight Tuesday night. It was deleted around 6 a.m. Wednesday, though by then, a typo had turn a word, with a fast elaborating life of a own.

The new tenure is being perceived as a complicated take on Citizen Kane’s puzzling “Rosebud” — and it seems a boss approves of that tack. After deletion a tweet, Trump, sphinx-like, wrote, “Who can figure out a loyal definition of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!”

By a time that summary went out, a hunt was good underneath way. Charles M. Blow of The New York Times published a take on Trump-as-chef, trace a lurch of covfefe that could presumably take a plate to a subsequent level.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “what creates me saddest is that we know I’ll never write anything funnier than #covfefe.”

When we asked a White House for a spirit of a term’s definition Wednesday, member didn’t respond before this story was published.

A California male reportedly registered covfefe as his permit plate.

Around a world, people are holding a boss adult on that offer. As of Wednesday morning, covfefe was a tip trending tenure on Twitter from Perth to Delhi, and from Mexico City to Paris.

Debates sprang adult over how to pronounce covfefe. While some cite “cov-FEE-fee,” many others ride toward a some-more continental “cov-FAY-fay” or “cov-FEH-feh.” And a tiny though unrelenting minority says it’s simply “cov-FEEF.”

When we plugged a word into Google Translate, a use suggested “covfefe” could be Samoan. But any hopes of an evocative interpretation were dashed by a default result: “covfefe.”

Merriam Webster, whose Twitter comment has taken shots during Trump in a past, seemed overwhelmed, posting late final night, “Regrets checking Twitter. Goes behind to bed.”

A figure named Covfefe a Strong used a new Twitter comment to announce, “I have been summoned to this world. we know not why.”

He was countered by a Wizard Cofefe, who pronounced that he had been summoned by “the Great Orb of T’kketh!”

    The twitter even struck a haughtiness with another male famous for his tan and his assumed hair. Yes, wrestling fable Ric Flair woke adult early and entered a fray, leaping off a tip turnbuckle with a GIF of himself and saying, “To be a #covfefe, we gotta kick a #covfefe – WOOOOO!”

    But for one day during least, a covfefe was simply unbeatable.