Community comes together for Thanksgiving feast during Greenville church

Eash pronounced a food is donated or purchased with donations to a church.

The church’s leader, a Rev. Charles Jacobs, pronounced a Thanksgiving dish is not usually for a homeless or a needy – there was also a series of parishioners and volunteers eating Thursday afternoon – though for anyone who wants a meal.

The whole Arnold village is concerned in entertainment a meal, Pastor Sharon Waltenbaugh said.

The annual dish orderly by First Presbyterian Church serves some-more than 200 any year.

Area residents can eat a giveaway Thanksgiving dish Thursday in Cloquet, interjection to a efforts of volunteers pulling it together in a past dual weeks.

The Community Thanksgiving Dinner has a 27-year story in Jamestown and traces a commencement behind to an eventuality during Pantry Cafe.

Church members baked 9 turkeys, dozens of sides, and a few pies. “There’s no one person”, pronounced Joe Lucas. They found that Steinbrink’s Piggly Wiggly, 7600 Pershing Blvd., could feed their poultry.

Meals were served to those during a church in a categorical dining room.

The final step of a turkey repair is a fixin’ itself.

Christina and Wil Rios are both lerned chefs, so operative underneath vigour is zero new. Hearing a news, Kennedy, done a preference to step adult and unite this years Thanksgiving dish expressing that it seemed like a right thing to do. They have trafficked to a church a final 3 years to suffer a good food and good company.

It’s one of a city of Rockford’s biggest and longest using village Thanksgiving dinners.

“But we keep adding some-more and some-more people each year, so it is so tough to envision how most we will need”, Beilke said. “It’s what Jesus would do”. Volunteers pronounced they get as most or some-more out of a knowledge as a dish recipients do.

“I like cooking, though we don’t get to prepare – solely during home all a time – so when we get to do something like this, it unequivocally creates me happy”, he said.

Bringing together members from all tools of a community.

“We proffer all a time”, Green said.


The food was good received, and some attendees took home leftovers.

Otterbein United Methodist Church serves some-more than 200 meals