Collision Preventing Camera Tool for Trucks Introduced by SmartDrive


The introduction of a new complement that allows trucks to use mixed cameras for a 360-degree comment to equivocate collision risks was announced by SmartDrive during 8:00 a.m. ET, on Apr 30, 2017, in PR Newswire. The video reserve complement can implement adult to 4 cameras, concurrently triggered to work together to accumulate discernment into high-risk pushing situations.

This is a company’s latest try to urge a capabilities of SmartDrive, invented as a resolution for a trucking attention to equivocate risks that lead to collisions and blame. The collision deterrence apparatus was expelled on Sunday, during a National Private Truck Council Annual Conference and Exhibition.

The SmartDrive 360 works as  a discerning examining tool. Once a collision or occurrence happens, a information can be offloaded immediately and reviewed by an consultant pushing analyst, customarily within an hour of occurrence. Then, an warning is sent to surprise users about a collision to concede for discerning response in improving safety.

The new innovative mixed camera complement delivers an softened bargain as to what maneuvers might be obliged for a collision. The camera apparatus also protects lorry drivers from censure by providing video proof. Truck swift owners can use a apparatus to ascent programs per reserve and revoke collision accidents that lead to word claims.

Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive, explained a combined advantages a improved-on complement will yield in avoiding collision risks for lorry companies and drivers:

By capturing triggered video opposite these additional cameras, fleets can now benefit evident prominence to a top risk—and many dear events—in and around their vehicles.

Cameras are triggered automatically when a lorry encounters a risk form action, such as swerving, a collision, or attempting a U-turn. The motorist can also manually start a recording if he or she wishes to. Four cameras work in unanimity to constraint video from all angles. This newest further to SmartDrive is an appendage to a in-cab and forward-facing cameras a association has been offering.

A tool, called a SmartRecorder, automatically offloads all a videos to be sent immediately for consultant assessment. Before a doing of a new system, a in-cab and forward-facing cameras usually authorised for on-demand viewing. The new camera apparatus delivers video within mins of an incident, permitting for collision impediment in providing new reserve measures.

Written by Carol Ruth Weber
edited by Jeanette Smith


PR Newswire: SmartDrive Announces Another Video-Safety First With 360-Degree Triggering

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