Clinton, Trump expected to win big in Northeast primaries

Sanders trails Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton who needs just 232 delegates to clinch the nomination

“I would hope that there is a beginning of a pivot for him to make it really clear to his supporters what’s at stake against the Republicans”, said former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who supports Clinton. “She’s got nothing else going on”. “I think that in any primary, whoever gets their voters out…turned out to vote, is the victor”. She’ll now face Pat Toomey in the fall in one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country. “But it doesn’t necessarily translate into more votes than the opposition”.

The big question beginning Wednesday is whether Sanders will continue to hammer Clinton – including over her prior paid Wall Street speeches – as she attempts to pivot to a general election campaign. “Nearly every national poll and every state poll has us beating Trump in that margin for us is significantly larger that than of Secretary Clinton”.

What happens in the coming months, Helmke said, may end up being a lesson in political compromise for his Sanders-supporting students.

And what he is, he declared from Trump Tower, is the party’s “presumptive nominee”. Sanders draws massive, enthusiastic crowds, while Clinton’s rallies often seem tiny and subdued by comparison.

But with his chances of surpassing Hillary Clinton all but mathematically impossible, Sanders also turned his eye to November in what could be the start of a call for Democratic unity. Perhaps we’ve been watching too much Veep. On Monday, he said Clinton, if she won the nomination, would have to woo him to gain his support. Still most leading Democrats have avoided suggesting Sanders consider ending his candidacy so the party can unite.

“The truth is republicans win elections when people are demoralized and give up, and voter turnout is low”, he said.

Sanders has maintained he intends to campaign “until the last vote is cast”.

Time Warner Cable News will cover the results as they come in from all five states and will have the latest tonight. Rather, they likewise find that partisanship matters far more.

Ralph Nader, a consumer advocate and five-time presidential candidate, told CNN Thursday that Sen.

But even if he doesn’t get the nomination, Sanders has changed the debate. “They’re dying for you”.

But those are exceptions, not the norm. That is what I think one does. “It’s going to be independent women in battleground states”, says Jennifer Lawless, a professor of government at American University.

The critical factor, as Clinton has frequently said from the podium, is that she enthusiastically campaigned for Obama. “Forty of the states are now behind us”, he added. “That’s not going to be the deciding factor for most people”. “I’m going to be taking a lot of things Bernie said and using it”, Trump said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”.