Christopher Maloney is evicted from Celebrity Big Brother house

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell Cooke have riled the rest of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, with their late-night antics under the covers.

During tonight’s Channel 5 programme, EMMA WILLIS telephoned through to a red phone box in the garden where JEREMY, the sixth person to leave received the eviction call.

Big Brother then asked her what effect that would have on the house and the 34-year-old didn’t hold back as she admitted, “I need a good sticking”.

As the lights go out, Stephanie tells Jeremy, “I think I’m falling really badly in love with you Jez”.

The lovebirds’ tiff did not last too long though as Jeremy soon crawled into Stephanie’s bed, in one final attempt to pull her out of her strop. “It wasn’t bothering me until now”, she said.

On January 11 he wrote: “Hi everyone, I will no longer be supporting Stephanie Davis… I just followed my heart and went with it. She doesn’t deserve that”. I do understand the boyfriend situation. It would be slightly hypocritical of her to criticise those who refuse to take part, given that she became the first person ever to refuse every single Bushtucker Trial that she was faced with while appearing in “I’m A Celebrity…”

Elsewhere, the raunchy game gave Pollard a platform to get passionate, as she repeatedly kissed Geordie Shore’s Scotty T.

“That makes me uncomfortable now”, Tiff told her.

Jeremy also said: “I tried to pull away a few times, we both did”.

Jeremy told Emma he would now like to see Stephanie or his pal Scotty T be crowned victor on Friday night.

“I had everyone pulling me up on what happened”.

The emotional scenes came as C5, the channel which broadcasts Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom, faced investigation for choosing to broadcast Bowie’s reaction to news of her ex-husband’s death after being flooded with viewer complaints.

Celebrity Big Brother Stephanie and Jeremy have had to part as one was evicted- but who