Chloe Kim Wins Gold In Olympic Snowboarding’s Half-Pipe

Chloe Kim won a bullion award in a snowboard women’s halfpipe final during Phoenix Snow Park in a Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile around Getty Images

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Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile around Getty Images

Chloe Kim won a bullion award in a snowboard women’s halfpipe final during Phoenix Snow Park in a Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile around Getty Images

Chloe Kim blew divided a margin and a throng during a Pyeongchang Games in South Korea, winning a bullion award in a women’s snowboard half-pipe. The win ticks another box in a career of Kim, who during 17 is already regarded as one of a best snowboarders in U.S. history.

Kim won with a measure of 98.25, in a foe that never saw her route another snowboarder. Her associate American Arielle Gold won bronze, and Kelly Clark narrowly missed a lectern after sitting in third place for dual runs.

“I was ripping up, we wanted to cry,” Kim pronounced of her mindset when she began her third run. “But we didn’t.”

Kim wowed from a start, putting together difficult tricks to start her initial run and heading a field. That got her a 93.75 — good adequate to win. But after descending on a third pretence of her second run, Kim showed given she’s regarded as a best in a world, flirting with a ideal measure in a third run.

Her first-run measure would have brought her a gold, though Kim wasn’t satisfied. She wanted to put down a run that met her expectations, she said.

The snowboarder also pronounced that between her second and third runs, she found out that her grandmother — who had never seen her contest — had trafficked from Seoul to Pyeongchang watch her.

“This one’s for grams,” Kim removed thinking, inspiring a turn of “Awwws” in a post-competition news conference.

Here’s what she did on that epic run: Method; Front 10; Cab 10; Front 9; McTwist; Crippler 7 — that’s according to a list she reeled off during a news discussion afterwards.

“Going to my third run we knew we had a gold,” Kim said. “But we also knew we wouldn’t be confident holding a bullion and meaningful that we hadn’t put down my best. That third run was for me — to put down a best run we could do. “

After scoring usually next a 100 mark, Kim pronounced a run wasn’t utterly ideal — though we’ll note that it was closer to soundness than anything a thousands of spectators and media had ever seen.

Kim also tallied a song she listened to. On a initial run: “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga; for her third, she said, it was “MotorSport,” by Migos, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj.

Afterwards, Kim was asked about a use in Pyeongchang of handing winning athletes a pressed mascot fondle rather than a award after they’ve won. The award ceremonies during these Winter Games have been hold hours after some events.

“I mean, mascot’s unequivocally cute,” Kim said. “But usually station on tip of a podium” was a special feeling, she added.

China’s Jiayu Liu mounted a plea to Kim, though it wasn’t utterly enough, and she won china with a high measure of 89.75 from her 3 runs. She cumulative her mark with a clever second run that had ideal pacing and control in a halfpipe during Phoenix Snow Park.

After a tumble like Kim’s in a second run — she slid on her back after a alighting — many snowboarders zig-zag down a half-pipe; some don’t wait for their scores. But Kim pulled a pretence during a bottom of her run, suggesting that she means it when she says that she snowboards not to win, though for fun.

All a same, it seems like she’ll keep winning.

Kim has been aiming during a Olympics for a prolonged time. Back in 2014, she couldn’t go to Sochi given she was too young.

“When we couldn’t make a group in Sochi due to my age – it felt like such a prolonged journey,” she pronounced after Monday’s subordinate runs, according to a twin from a Olympics’ news service. “You know, going from 13 to 17 is such a large time gap. But during a finish of a day, I’m here — and I’m so happy.”

Two years ago, Kim became a initial lady to land back-to-back 1080 tricks in competition. She’s won large on a World Cup circuit, and during a X Games.

Now she has an Olympic bullion medal, in a half-pipe eventuality that was run Tuesday morning in Pyeongchang – that’s Monday night in a U.S.

Her clever subordinate runs meant that Kim had a oppulance of going final in a margin of 12 snowboarders during Phoenix Snow Park.

Three other Americans assimilated Kim in a final: Gold, Clark, and Maddie Mastro. For Clark, 34, this was a possibility to supplement to her award collection – she already has a bullion from Salt Lake City in 2002 and bronzes from Vancouver and Sochi.

Kim was not utterly dual years aged when Clark won her initial Olympic bullion award – a covenant both to Kim’s precociousness and Clark’s talent and resolve.

Gold pronounced it was “bittersweet” to hit Clark out of third place, observant that in further to admiring Clark as a teammate and athlete, “She’s someone I’ve looked adult to ever given we started snowboarding.”

The usually thing that could presumably stop Kim’s expostulate to a podium, it seemed as Tuesday’s eventuality loomed, was a breeze — bad conditions had condensed a women’s snowboard slopestyle eventuality one day earlier, and athletes pronounced their performances were influenced by a clever gusts. But a continue cooperated, with a transparent and balmy sky, tolerably cold temperature, and light winds.

In Monday’s dual subordinate runs, Kim dominated. She was a usually contestant to post scores above 90 points, and one run in sold was a fibre of ideally executed tricks. But she still found time to twitter about wanting ice cream.

“Could be down for some ice cream rn,” Kim pronounced on Twitter in a midst of a action.

Later, she told reporters simply, “I wish my ice cream.”

Regular mortals are mostly preoccupied by what chosen athletes eat to fuel their bodies as they try to do what no one else can. In Pyeongchang, Kim also sent out a word of recommendation on Monday, about what to eat when you’re nervous.

After revelation she was shaken about a subordinate runs, Kim said, “I also had dual churros currently and they were flattering explosve so if we ever get shaken go eat a churro.”

By a time Tuesday rolled around, it was all focus.

“Let’s do this thing!” Kim tweeted early this morning.

Chloe Kim’s kin are creatively from Seoul, and she pronounced she’s been reconnecting with kin here in Pyeongchang. Wither her new medal, a jubilee will be a family affair. She competence even get that ice cream.

Although after her win, Kim pronounced she was starving: “I unequivocally wish like a burger and some fries, maybe some Hawaiian pizza.”