California Shootings Sprung From Domestic Violence, Restraining Order


Five people are passed and 10 harmed in what authorities are describing as a sharpened uproar in a farming village in Northern California. They’re also observant a occurrence could have been most worse. A gunman non-stop glow during several opposite places in a Rancho Tehama village progressing this morning, including an facile school, before he was killed by authorities. NPR’s Richard Gonzales is following this story, and he joins me now. Richard, hello.


HU: So from what you’ve reported, what can we tell us about what happened?

GONZALES: Well, it all started around 8 a.m. this morning in a farming village about dual hours north of Sacramento. And that’s when authorities started removing phone calls about an active shooter and shots being dismissed during mixed places in Rancho Tehama, including a community’s facile school.

And as we mentioned, authorities are observant this could have been most worse. The shooter pennyless into a schoolyard, crashing his automobile by a gate. And he sprayed a building with gunfire. An partner policeman pronounced that usually a discerning meditative of propagandize officials who put a propagandize on lockdown prevented some-more deaths. And here’s a partner policeman of Tehama County, Phil Johnston.


PHIL JOHNSTON: The discerning movement of those propagandize officials, there is no doubt in my mind formed on a video that we saw, saved large lives and children.

GONZALES: And authorities are observant that dual military officers intent a gunman not prolonged after that. The gunman was shot and killed in that exchange. And they were means to redeem 3 weapons – a semiautomatic purloin and dual handguns – from a scene.

HU: What do we know during this indicate about a gunman and a probable motive?

GONZALES: Well, a Tehama County Sheriff’s Office says they trust they’ve identified a shooter, though they’re not observant who he is outward of him being an adult male. They can’t contend tentative presentation of subsequent of kin. The partner sheriff, Johnston, also pronounced that one of a initial victims who was killed was a lady who had filed a proxy confining sequence opposite a shooter progressing this year.

Now, this competence sound informed to people who follow mass shootings. As we reported only a week ago in south Texas, a shooter in that box had a story of domestic assault that authorities trust was partial of this motivation. So it sounds like something stemming out of that occurrence led to this conditions where a gunman only started targeting pointless people in his community.

HU: And a victims now, Richard – we know there’s 5 passed including a shooter.

GONZALES: Yes. That includes a gunman. He’s enclosed in that count. We don’t know a lot about a other victims during this point. The Sheriff’s Office says that 10 people were hospitalized, including some children. We listened after that during slightest 3 of those people have been given been released. At slightest one child was shot during a facile propagandize and was ecstatic to a circuitously hospital. Another child was with her mom in their lorry on a alley in a town. And during an progressing press conference, authorities pronounced that a numbers could change as they examine all of a opposite crime scenes.

Now, we’re articulate about a really farming area. The website for a village describes it as a still nation community. And so only removing there and questioning all these places should take some time. There are a hundred law coercion officers on a stage doing that – FBI, Department of Justice. I’m certain that we’ll be removing some-more information tomorrow and in a days to come.

HU: NPR’s Richard Gonzales – Richard, thanks.

GONZALES: Thank you.

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