Cab Company Sends Bill of $23,000,000 for Ride that Man Didn’t Even Take

An India formed cab company, Ola, sent a check of around $23,000,000 for a float that a male didn’t even take.

It has been reported that on Apr 1st Sushil Narsian booked an Ola to transport from Mulund to Versova market, though a motorist had a problem in anticipating him, so he (driver) canceled a float from his side.

After some time, when Sushil attempted to book another Ola cab, a summary was stirred seeking him to settle a final bill, that was nearby $23,000,000.

He immediately contacted a Ola support and reported a matter.

After some time, a Ola officials replied that there was some bug.

As a good gesture, a association offering some a banking for his subsequent rides.