Bears Lose In Trubisky’s Debut

The Vikings had no initial downs and trailed 2-0 since stationary Sam Bradford hold a round too prolonged in a finish zone. It seemed value watching, however, interjection to a fact that rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was removing his initial National Football League start and since Sam Bradford was finally behind in movement after wanting 3 weeks off due to a knee injury. we attempted to proceed a week like we was starting.

“I don’t consider it’s any opposite from a prior times”.

The Chicago Bears pulled out all a stops Monday night, Oct 9, though it was a Minnesota Vikings walking divided with an NFC North local victory, 20-17. Kicker Kai Forbath kicked a 26-yard margin idea with 12 seconds remaining for a go-ahead score. Trubisky went 3-for-4 for 30 yards on his initial drive.

Trubisky wanted this win badly and couldn’t get it done, for a Bears fans so fervent to see their destiny during quarterback, for a coaching staff that suffered a 27th detriment in a John Fox epoch and many importantly for a teammates whom he took a margin with.

The Vikings softened to 3-2 while a Bears forsaken to 1-4.

“He was revelation everybody it’s his fault, though we can’t put him in those positions”, Wright said. That was clear early and mostly in a Bears’ 20-17 detriment to a Vikings. Keenum non-stop a second half by engineering a 13-play, 76-yard expostulate he capped with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Rudolph, giving Minnesota a 10-2 lead.

Keenum came into a diversion with 25 seconds left in a initial half after Bradford went 5-of-11 for 36 yards and got sacked 4 times. Jerick McKinnon fumbled on a kickoff return, though Minnesota was propitious that a round was recovered out of end by a Bears. In both cases, a penalities derailed intensity scoring drives and finished in punts. Will Trubisky’s participation make a disproportion in Vikings vs. Bears?

That cut a lead to 10-9, though it didn’t final long.

“(Guard) Nick Easton had a good block”, McKinnon said. The petite using behind detonate by a right side of a descent line for his initial touchdown of a season. By a time he got to a fourth quarter, after a review of weirdness and disappointment – punters throwing touchdown passes and a other team’s backup QB outshining him – he’d get to a beef and potatoes.

Miller scored a 20 yard touchdown on a play before that when he held a sloping pass from Trubisky. “We were means to flip a margin a small bit, though it was a good track [by Rudolph], and we only missed it”.

Searching for something opposite with Trubisky’s promotion, a Bears were dealt a same palm in a rarely expected game.


The Bears invulnerability authorised only 55 yards and 4 initial downs in a initial half. He now during slightest has a grab, though it didn’t benefit any yards. So, and we pronounced this in my live chat… This year’s second altogether collect also showed a recognition to tuck a round and run on several plays.

Vikings unpretentious end-zone diversion of 'duck, duck, goose' sparks debate