BBC Veteran Quits China Editor Post To Protest Gender Pay Gap

Headquarters of a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London seen in a sketch taken in October.

Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

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Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Headquarters of a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London seen in a sketch taken in October.

Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

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The BBC’s China editor, Carrie Gracie, a 30-year maestro of a network, has abruptly quiescent her pursuit in a Beijing bureau, accusing a network of promulgating a gender compensate gap.

Gracie, who is smooth in Mandarin, pronounced she stepped down as editor in China final week though would sojourn with a BBC, returning to her former post in a radio newsroom in London “where we design to be paid equally,” she wrote in an open minute published in her blog.

“In a past 4 years, a BBC has had 4 general editors – dual group and dual women. [Britain’s] Equality Act 2010 states that group and women doing equal work contingency accept equal pay. But final Jul we schooled that in a prior financial year, a dual group warranted during slightest 50% some-more than a dual women,” Gracie writes.

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“I told my bosses a usually excusable fortitude would be for all a general editors to be paid a same amount. The right volume would be for them to decide, and we done pure we wasn’t seeking a compensate rise, only equal pay,” she writes. “Instead a BBC offering me a large compensate arise that remained distant brief of equality. It pronounced there were differences between roles that fit a compensate gap, though it has refused to explain these differences. Since branch down an unsymmetrical compensate rise, we have been subjected to a dismayingly amateurish and undermining protest routine that still has no outcome.”

The BBC has responded, observant there is “no systemic taste opposite women” during a network.

The Guardian writes that Gracie “is widely regarded as one of a BBC’s many gifted journalists.”

“A horde of heading BBC presenters, including Clare Balding, Kirsty Wark and Sarah Montague, assimilated a #IStandWithCarrie hashtag on amicable media to support her stance,” a journal writes.

Gracie co-hosted a BBC’s Today radio uncover on Monday, with John Humphrys — and her open minute was, unsurprisingly, a subject discussed on a show. Perhaps some-more surprisingly, Gracie herself wasn’t authorised to join a conversation.

“Given that Carrie is sitting … subsequent to me in a studio,” Humphrys said, branch to residence his cohost, “perhaps listeners would design me to do a unequivocally tough talk with we about that bombshell letter. But a BBC has manners on forthrightness that means that presenters can’t unexpected spin into interviewees on a programs they are presenting.”

He and Gracie laughed a bit about a stupidity of a situation. While emphasizing that he was not doing an interview, Humphrys did ask Gracie, briefly, about a greeting to her letter.

“It’s been really moving,” she said. “The dual things that have struck me many … one is, we think, a scale of feeling not only among BBC women though also only some-more widely opposite a nation and also internationally … we consider it does pronounce of a abyss of craving for an equal, satisfactory and pure compensate system.

“And a other thing I’d like to contend is that what is poetic for me is that people are mentioning my China work. Because we would not wish to be remembered perpetually as a lady who complained about income … we wish to be remembered as a chairman who did some excellent China work. And adequate people are observant that for me to feel that that will not be buried.”

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To some-more directly plead Gracie’s minute and compensate equity during a BBC, Humphrys interviewed publisher Mariella Frostrup. Frostrup pronounced that compensate inclination has “barely improved” over a march of her career, and “the time has come for this kind of thing to only come to a stop.”

Frostrup also told Humphrys directly, “I substantially acquire a tenth of what we do.” Humphrys, a BBC’s highest-paid news presenter, earns some-more than $800,000 a year; Frostrup’s income is not open though she earns reduction than $200,000 annually.

That talk unfolded as Gracie sat beside Humphrys in a studio.

Later, Gracie was means to pronounce on her possess interest on a BBC’s Women’s Hour.