Bald Men Are Being Hunted Down In Mozambique

Bald man, back view.

Bald man, back view.

Authorities in Mozambique contend bald group are being killed, allegedly since of a faith that their heads enclose gold.

So distant 5 bald group have been killed, all in executive Mozambique: dual in May in Milange district tighten to a limit with Malawi and 3 this month in a district of Morrumbala.

Bald group opposite a nation are fearful of exposing their scalps. Some stay indoors. Others censor their baldness with caps.

During his unchanging press lecture this week in Maputo, Inacio Dina, orator for Mozambique’s ubiquitous military command, pronounced a materialisation was new to a country. He threatened to take tough measures opposite those involved.

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“Our rough end indicates that a materialisation is due to informative beliefs,” he stated. “We are now questioning a box to find out some-more and to know a dimension of a problem. The materialisation can lead bald people to be followed and killed. This is a critical carnage crime. Our stream seductiveness is to locate and reason all those concerned responsible.”

Dina indicted normal healers of conniving with a murderers of bald people since of a informative faith that their heads enclose gold. It is also probable that a idea is to obtain physique tools to use in rituals directed during bringing resources — a reason that albinos have been targeted for their physique tools in some countries.

Jose Tembe is a Radio Mozambique publisher and a BBC match in Maputo.