Attempted Coup in Turkey Fails


Turkey is where we was born. It was late one night when we was awakened by a phone call from my husband, who, while during work listened that a manoeuvre had started. However, this military attempted manoeuvre unsuccessful after customarily a few months.

This was not a initial troops manoeuvre Turkey has faced. The initial thing that we did was switch on a TV. All a channels, solely for TRT, a supervision channel that is not watched en masse, were broadcasting their bland routines. Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s assertive president, was addressing a people i.e., his followers, that are some-more like his admirers and job them to a streets around a many famous and elite Turkish stations.

So, we began acid amicable media with my Twitter account, with no problem accessing a internet. People were removing information left and right. There is customarily an information retard during coups and juntas. Only 10 mins upheld when we listened people in cars and signals on a streets. The people angrily rushed out to kill a soldiers unknowingly of anything and became victims themselves. Turkey’s troops afterwards began what had to be started immediately after each attempted coup, a magician hunts, and puncture states.

Following a theory, to see who benefits, one can simply find out for whom a manoeuvre is needed. However, it is not a subject, though because Erdogan-like leaders always win. Why do group like Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, IIham Aliyev, and of march Erdogan always benefit victories? While Mohammad Mossadegh, a Prime Minister of Iran from 1951-1953, Necmettin Erbakan, personality of Turkey’s initial Islamic movement,  Salvador Allende, Chile’s initial revolutionary president, Patrick Joseph Kennedy a U.S. State Department’s effusive undersecretary for supervision never win.

Erbakan was a owner and personality of a Milli Görüş (National Vision) movement. This is where Erdogan began his domestic career and was one of a many successful figures, that he tasted a management of a Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor. This movement, now deserted by Erdogan, represented domestic Islam and still does.

It is pronounced to be a customarily beliefs underneath a short-period supervision of that smallest salary postulated to 61 percent of a race had a top purchasing capacity. Erbakan was suspended by Tukey’s troops right after a ten-month supervision and criminialized from domestic activities until he got aged and sick. Guess why.

Today many observers from all around a universe explain a Turkish majority’s low and immorality love, or passion for Erdogan with his religiousness and a Islamic attraction of a nation. If so, because afterwards did a same republic not uncover any support for Erbakan?  He was a personality with some-more Islamic views and fewer votes; 21 percent vs. Erdogan’s 52. As it might seem, it is media and race that work hand-in-hand and conclude a benefaction and future.

It was a infancy that executed Socrates, burnt Joan of Arc, precious Hitler, hated jews and began to admire a latter a few decades later. It is a same village in each republic during all times. It never changes and we doubt it ever will. But what about a minority? In Turkey, it might seem to those though a plain grasp of reality, a eremite territory that constitutes a infancy supports Erdogan and a secularists consecrate a minority share M. Kemal Ataturk’s vision. In reality, my opinion is, they are both majorities and censor in themselves those who are eremite though opposite any sovereignty and are secularists though any anxiety to Ataturk’s respectively.

In other words, there are dual majorities via Turkey that conceal each dissenting perspective in a open opinion. That is what we call a immorality and deadliness of each nation. That is because story always repeats and roughly nobody ever sees it, and this attempted manoeuvre in Turkey failed.

Written by Zehra Suleyman
Edited by, Katherine Miller

Counter Extremism: Necmettin Erbackan overview
BBC: Recep Tayyip  Erdogan: Turkey’s contentious president

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Harold Litwiler’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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