Astronauts Study Microbes on a International Space Station


Astronauts can now perform microbial DNA sampling on a International Space Station. This opens adult new areas of unsentimental research.

The Genes in Space-3 Project enables NASA astronauts and biochemists to brand and provide microbial ailments in space. The new plan will also assistance to brand intensity lifeforms on other planets and control unsentimental experiments on a International Space Station.

First, astronauts theme microbial samples to a Polymerase Chain Reaction. This is a technique used in molecular biology to increase copies of a specific DNA sequence, so a microbes can be identified.
The initial microbes sampled were ordinarily found in places humans live. That was no surprise, however, a series of microbes found on a International Space Station was a surprise.

“We have had decay in tools of a hire where fungi was seen flourishing or biomaterial has been pulled out of a clogged waterline, though we have no thought what it is until a representation gets behind down to a lab. On a ISS, we can frequently resupply disinfectants, though as we pierce over low-Earth circuit where a ability for resupply is reduction frequent, meaningful what to purify of not becomes really important.” according to Sarah Wallace a NASA microbiologist.

After a Johnson Space Center was shop-worn by Hurricane Harvey, a need for virus sampling on a International Space Station became some-more clear since astronauts were incompetent to send samples to Earth. Furthermore, as missions are extended, a need to guard microbial activity a necessity.

Currently, a Genes in Space-3 Project is being used to investigate microbial function and a placement in microgravity. Research has proven that some microbes accept a genetic boost in microgravity.

Humans pervert all they touch. These includes a International Space Station. The ability to brand a microbes and investigate them in microgravity will assistance to diagnose wanderer ailments.

By Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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