As Macron’s Strength Grows In France, May’s Popularity Wanes In Britain


We’d like to start a module currently opposite a Atlantic, where we’ll check in on dual cities, London and Paris. For newly inaugurated French President Emmanuel Macron, it’s a best of times. Exit polls uncover his celebration is staid to explain a clever infancy in a reduce residence of Parliament.

But opposite a English Channel, it is a unequivocally opposite story. British Prime Minister Theresa May’s celebration not usually mislaid a infancy in a many new elections, her response to a lethal glow during an unit retard has caused her station with a open to tumble even further. And all of that happened before she’s set to start negotiations for a Brexit, a U.K.’s depart from a European Union.

To assistance us know all this, we’ve called NPR’s Frank Langfitt in London. Frank, interjection so most for fasten us.


MARTIN: And NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley, who is in France. Eleanor, appreciate we so most for fasten us.

ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: You’re welcome, Michel.

MARTIN: And we’re going to start with you. Tell us about a latest choosing formula today. How large a feat is this for President Macron?

BEARDSLEY: Well, it’s big. It’s a plain infancy in a 577-seat reduce residence of Parliament called a National Assembly. Macron’s celebration indispensable to get 289 seats and it got 315. However, Michel, it’s not a tidal call that many were presaging after final week’s initial turn of voting. Some talked about, we know, as many as 450 seats. The French primary minister, Edouard Philippe, usually spoke. Here he is.



BEARDSLEY: Now, Philippe said, “we have a transparent victory, and it’s transparent a French chose confidence and wish over melancholy and anger.” He says one year ago – and that’s about when a celebration was combined – no one illusory such domestic renovation in a country.

MARTIN: You know, we do wish to indicate out yet that Macron recruited a lot of non-politicians for this new party. And as we know it, a audience was low. Do we have that right?

BEARDSLEY: It was low. It was a ancestral low, 57 percent, they’re saying, abstention rate.

MARTIN: So could those factors, a fact that he has brought a series of domestic novices to a stage and a fact that audience was low, could those factors harm his ability to allege his agenda?

BEARDSLEY: Well, low audience is never a good thing. And afterwards a primary apportion spoke to that. But he said, this gives us, we know, an fervent – even some-more fervent enterprise to succeed. But, Michel, a fact that these are non-politicians, a French are gay to see member who are unchanging operative people and have no thought how to be a veteran politician, so that won’t harm him during all.

MARTIN: So let’s go to London now with Frank. The elections in a U.K. did not go scarcely as good for Prime Minister Theresa May’s party. Two months, ago she called a snap election, looked like she was headed for a landslide. Now, she’s mislaid her parliamentary majority. So what’s been going wrong for her?

LANGFITT: Pretty most everything, Michel. She ran a terrible – an epically terrible debate by all assessments here. Last week, things got a lot worse with that building glow that we mentioned, a numbers so distant – 58 people dead. The day after a fire, Theresa May went to a neighborhood, talked to firefighters yet not to residents since apparently there were confidence concerns. But people in a area were mad with her for not entrance to see them, some called her a coward.

The residents have also been deeply vicious of a service bid there. You’ve got to keep in mind, this is Kensington and Chelsea. This is a richest precinct in a whole country. Here’s one of a volunteers who was assisting out during one of a village centers. Her name is Nisha Parti. She’s a film producer. And she was vocalization on ITV today.


NISHA PARTI: Victims were going to hotels with no one from a legislature to hail them, to check them in, to demeanour after them, to give them garments and food. Volunteers are now going to hotels with food packages, with money that they’re perplexing to find since they have nothing.

MARTIN: Obviously, we know, politics isn’t, we know, tip of a mind during a time like that. But, Frank, even carrying pronounced that, can she form a government? Can Theresa May form of government? And does it seem that she will survive?

LANGFITT: Yes and yes. Yes to a government. She’s articulate with a Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Irelands (ph) – she’s got – Northern Ireland. She’s got a integrate of days now until Wednesday’s queen’s speech, where she’s going to fundamentally lay out her legislative agenda. But a Democratic Unionist Party usually has 10 seats in a House of Commons. And this is seen as a unequivocally inconstant alliance.

In terms of survival, substantially for a while. And a reason, even yet her – fundamentally people are unequivocally unfortunate with her, there are dual categorical reasons. One reason she could tarry is if a Conservative Party were to dump her, it trigger another choosing that a Conservatives are roughly certain to remove to a Labour Party.

And a other thing is nobody unequivocally wants this pursuit right now. Going into Brexit, this is seen as a tainted chalice. And we think, frankly, a domestic calculation of her rivals in a celebration would be to let her, frankly, get into difficulty and afterwards kind of swoop in and try to save a day.

MARTIN: Well, vocalization of Brexit, a negotiations open tomorrow in Brussels. So, Frank, what does all this meant for a U.K. – a skeleton for a U.K. to leave a European Union?

LANGFITT: Well, we know, she mislaid that majority, so she usually doesn’t have a domestic poke that she had before to expostulate – what she wanted was a pointy mangle with a European Union. People consider what we’re going to see is something softer. And it’s not transparent accurately what it will be, yet generally speaking, it’ll be an bid to fundamentally put preserving jobs in a economy over slicing immigration.

And this should be rather engaging for Americans since President Trump, of course, has done immigration and trade deals unequivocally most during a forefront of his agenda. The United Kingdom is serve along in this process, so what’s going to be engaging to see is how they interpretation themselves from a European Union. And what is a impact economically on Great Britain?

MARTIN: So, Eleanor, before we let we go, how is France looking during Britain right now? Do other EU members see an event to take advantage of a conditions as a U.K.’s enervated supervision starts these negotiations?

BEARDSLEY: Well, Michel, there was genuine unhappiness and bewail on a continent when Britain pulled out of a EU. And President Macron told a primary minister, Theresa May, final week when she visited Paris that a doorway was still open. So there’s not a enterprise to take advantage of Britain or anything, yet there is – clearly, a Europeans are not going to let Britain have a giveaway ride. You know, we can't have all a advantages of this 500 million marketplace – chairman marketplace but a obligations.

And a EU is going to wish to send a transparent vigilance as good to any other countries who are maybe meditative of withdrawal a EU that it’s not an easy thing to do. And we have listened speak of fad over many companies who would leave London, general companies, and maybe come to Paris or Amsterdam or Berlin. So there is speak about that, too.

MARTIN: That’s NPR’s Eleanor Beardsley in Paris and NPR’s Frank Langfitt in London. Thank we both so most for vocalization with us.

BEARDSLEY: You’re welcome.

LANGFITT: Happy to do it.

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