Armenia: 73 harmed in clashes with demonstration police, 23 detained

Riot military use light grenades as they confront anti-government protesters in Yerevan Armenia on Friday

There have been clashes between demonstration military and anti-government protesters in a Armenian capital, Yerevan.

Three of a gunmen were bleeding in Friday’s sell of gunfire with police, with dual taken to sanatorium underneath armed guard.

About 3,000 supporters of a gunmen collected nearby a military hire late on Jul 22, earnest to continue demonstrations until a boss resigns.

The clashes, that began Friday dusk nearby a military building where an armed pro-opposition organisation has been holed adult for scarcely dual weeks with several hostages, continued into a night.

Dozens of people have been hospitalised and 26 arrested following clashes between military and protesters in Yerevan, Armenian authorities pronounced Saturday.

“Police units of Yerevan incarcerated 165 people suspected of impasse in unrest”, military orator told RIA Novosti.

The clashes pennyless out after several hundred people attempted to proceed a military station, that was progressing taken over by armed organisation and cordoned off by law enforcers.

The armed organisation – supporters of Zhirair Sefilyan, a border jailed antithesis personality – stormed a military building on Jul 17, murdering one officer, holding several some-more warrant and seizing a store of weapons. The organisation direct a recover of Jirair Sefilian, a owner of a Founding Parliament who was arrested on Jun 20, as he and a organisation of people had allegedly designed to seize premises and communication facilities, including a Yerevan TV tower.

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