Amid Opposition Boycott, Kenyans Vote In Re-Run Of Presidential Election

Police idle a block set-up by protesters in a Kibera dive in Nairobi on Thursday.

Khalil Senosi/AP

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Khalil Senosi/AP

Police idle a block set-up by protesters in a Kibera dive in Nairobi on Thursday.

Khalil Senosi/AP

Security in Kenya was parsimonious as a nation went to a polls on Thursday for a second presidential choosing given Aug — this time amid a protest by antithesis personality Raila Odinga.

In a latest voting, Kenya’s media says supporters of Odinga have blocked some polling stations as military dismissed rip gas in clashes with a antithesis in Kibera, a Nairobi dive that is a pivotal building of anti-Kenyatta sentiment.

Police also battled stone-throwing Odinga supporters in Kisumu, another antithesis stronghold.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is seeking a second term, was announced a leader in a Aug. 8 vote, though irregularities shortly flush and a Supreme Court subsequently nullified a results.

Odinga, who told his supporters not to expel ballots on Thursday, calls a opinion a “charade.”

Speaking with NPR’s Eyder Peralta in Nairobi he said: “I consider a time comes in a story of a nation when people have to mount adult and contend no to impunity.”

The Associated Press reports:

“Voting, meanwhile, proceeded in areas where President Uhuru Kenyatta has support, though fewer electorate were branch out in comparison to an Aug. 8 choosing that a Supreme Court nullified given it found illegalities and irregularities in a choosing process.

Voters lined adult before emergence during a polling hire in Kenyatta’s hometown of Gatundu and electoral workers prepared list papers by flashlight after complicated rains knocked out energy to a site. Downpours also disrupted a smoothness of list papers in Kenya’s Kitui area, according to internal media.”

The BBC reports that about 70 people have been killed in assault given a Aug election.