American Horror Story Season 6 Teaser Trailers

The new deteriorate premieres Sep 14 on FX. If you’d like to speculation during what a thesis of a subsequent run of episodes could be, a network has forsaken some American Horror Story deteriorate 6 teasers that competence offer some clues.

FX suggested a 3 clips around Snapchat, promulgation a online universe into a flurry of screengrab sleuthing as fans attempted to figure out, well, ANYTHING about a arriving season. In fact, all we unequivocally know for certain is that Season 6 will be “set in dual time periods”, per FX trainer Jonathan Landgraf.

At last, we’re saying teaser footage for American Horror Story deteriorate 6, that has been notoriously silent so distant about any info per a latest incarnation.

Gaga reliable her impasse in a new deteriorate in March. It’s a brief one that’s fast followed by another brief one in that we primarily see someone regulating a tack gun and someone’s palm jerking with any staple. Hopefully, and hopefully it means Jessica Lange returns. No ideas on these yet. Finally, hands grabbing during some flow soul’s ankles. Series creator Ryan Murphy also suggested children would be partial of a new season’s theme, that would make a many clarity with a wicked child from Murder House or a renouned Slender Man theory. These teasers don’t change that much.

The teasers embody a array of dim vignettes that incorporate a new season’s series 6 trademark that is total with a doubt mark.

Check out all 6 teasers below.

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