American Horror Story: Roanoke Just Made A Huge Murder House Connection

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Paulson takes on the role of Shelby Miller in “American Horror Story: Roanoke”.

Things are getting even spookier on “American Horror Story: Roanoke”.

On this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, something out of the ordinary happened.

Then we are introduced to the medium Cricket Marlowe, who wants to help them find Flora for a flat fee of $25,000. Are we supposed to think he’s a goner?

The genius of AHS and its marketing is that it’s constantly keeping us guessing; even when the seasons themselves leave us wanting, we’re still trying to piece together the puzzle of the series as a whole. In the forest, the gang stumbles onto Flora’s doll – only now it’s dismembered, de-stuffed, surrounded by a circle of blood, and sporting pig-body parts in place of its manufactured doll limbs.

However, the more I watched the interview scenes play out, the more I became convinced that the nontraditional format actually worked. We finally saw American Horror Story favorite Lady Gaga! Standing up to the patriarchy, The Butcher was thrown in an iron maiden and abandoned in the woods. Sounds like a good deal, right? Of course, Bates eats it.

Lee’s ex-husband arrives to look for his daughter only to be found dead, burned and crucified on a tree that night. But she doesn’t offer an explanation for her whereabouts during the time in question. The Mott family is said to have a part in this season too!.

Through the interview scenes, the characters feel more authentic and as a result, so do the supposedly truestories they tell.

This being American Horror Story, time travel can not be ruled out either. The cops are there to arrest Lee, and that is the cliffhanger we are left with until next Wednesday, horror fanatics! So this is the second child Lee has that has disappeared? Keep on reading for our full analysis of what went down last night. So what has been the weirdest thing she’s had to do so far? We don’t see the cameraman. Many actors have yet to land in season: Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock among others. Matt wanders back to the house and Shelby is like, “Why did you tell them they could burn down our house”. It’s given them nothing but trouble? (A nod to The Shining’s REDRUM) Despite attempts to cover the bloody message, the words still appear years later as final proof to Shelby and Matt that their “inbred” neighbors aren’t the ones playing the tricks. Who is she and where did she come from? After she’s been missing for over three days, tensions are extremely high in the house.

Shelby goes back to the house on her own. If we were looking for an obvious reference to season one, we just found it. “We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected”. Something that you may want to remember, though, is that it didn’t work when Violet tried the same thing. Jourdan’s Coven-like appearance, following the events of the first two episodes, only further helps the theory. He’s listed as one of the main characters, so something is clearly up, and the internet isn’t happy. And thanks to master of secrets himself, Ryan Murphy, we know when it’s coming: Episode 6. This could be true.

Episode 2 focused on how the house was once something of a medical facility where psychotic nurses Bridget and Miranda used to murder old folks for sport and spelling reasons. Which would just leave one more before the major twist. There she met Lady Gaga, who appears to be some sort of spiritual entity living in the forest. Sure, they’re family, but do we always trust our family? “Maybe it’s time we listen and go”.

Last week’s episode was like the beginning of a horror coaster that creaks along without any hope of going any faster than the speed limit in a school zone until it suddenly plunges down, spinning and looping and twisting at over a hundred miles an hour into oblivion. And fans love it.