Alabama’s Governor Resigns Amid Scandal Over Alleged Affair And Cover-Up

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks during a annual State of a State residence in Montgomery, Ala., on Feb. 7.

Brynn Anderson/AP

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Brynn Anderson/AP

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks during a annual State of a State residence in Montgomery, Ala., on Feb. 7.

Brynn Anderson/AP

High Court Greenlights Impeachment Proceedings For Alabama Governor

Updated during 9:05 p.m. ET

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has quiescent after pleading guilty to abusing his office, allegedly to disguise an event with a domestic adviser.

Supernumerary District Attorney Ellen Brooks announced Monday that Bentley “pleaded guilty to dual misconduct charges: unwell to record a vital grant report, in defilement of Code of Alabama §17-5-8.1(c); and intentionally converting debate contributions to personal use, in defilement of Code of Alabama §36-25-6.” She added, “He has quiescent from office.”

The Associated Press describes a stage as a defence agreement was signed:

“Bentley seemed gloomy and looked down during a building during a Monday afternoon session. …

“The agreement specifies that Bentley contingency obey debate supports totaling $36,912 within a week and perform 100 hours of village use as a physician. He also can't find open bureau again.”

The governor, a Republican, was quickly requisitioned into Montgomery jail, according to internal media reports, before streamer to a state Capitol to announce his resignation.

Republican state Rep. Ed Henry, who had introduced articles of impeachment opposite Bentley final year, said, “I consider we have a good day for Alabama, where probity was done. Corruption was spotted, famous and dealt with. … even yet it was slower and small some-more unpleasant than we had anticipated.”

Ethics Panel Sends Case Against Alabama Governor To Prosecutors

Bentley had vowed as recently as Friday not to resign, observant he had finished zero illegal.

But a state Supreme Court motionless to concede Alabama legislators to pursue impeachment hearings opposite Bentley, and calls for his abdication had been growing.

Last week, a row questioning Bentley’s actions expelled a sardonic report, as NPR’s Debbie Elliott reported:

“It lays out in infrequently contemptible fact an extramarital attribute between a 74-year-old Bentley and domestic confidant Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

“The news accuses him of regulating state resources, including law enforcement, to censor a event and strengthen his reputation, ‘in a routine characterized by augmenting mania and paranoia.’

” ‘Governor Bentley’s faithfulness shifted from a State of Alabama to himself,’ [special warn Jack] Sharman wrote in an executive summary. He pronounced Bentley ‘encouraged an atmosphere of intimidation’ to safeguard a overpower of his staff. …

“Political vigour for [Bentley] to renounce has been flourishing given fasten recordings were expelled in 2016 of him creation intimately revealing comments to Mason. Both were married during a time.

“Dianne Bentley after filed for divorce. The news says her suspicions of an event were reliable when Bentley incorrectly sent his mother a content that review ‘I adore we Rebekah’ with a red-rose emoji.”

Also final week, a Alabama Ethics Commission found “probable cause” that Bentley improperly used debate supports in tie with a purported affair, among other reliable and authorised violations.

NPR’s Debbie Elliott records that Bentley is a third Alabama central to remove his pursuit in a year. Roy Moore was dangling from his post as arch probity of a state Supreme Court when he systematic state judges to negligence a U.S. Supreme Court’s preference ancillary a legality of same-sex marriage. Mike Hubbard was private as orator of a state House after being convicted of ethics charges.