After job Rohingyas terrorists, BJP now equates BHU students with Naxals

It’s unfortunate, when a Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University, Girish Chandra Tripathi, decides to call a box of seduction simply ‘eve teasing.’ Perhaps, it’s this default on a partial of a administration that has forced a women students of BHU to come out in protest.

A news by a Varanasi Commissioner on a assault in a BHU, submitted on Tuesday, has blamed a varsity administration for Saturday’s assault and baton-charge on protesting students. The state’s arch minister, Yogi Adityanath, has systematic an investigation, and a court and dual policemen have been dangling tentative a findings.

“Unfortunately, a military stopped us from going to BHU, so we sat on dharna during a Singhdwar (in front of BHU categorical gate)”, a SP personality said.

He pronounced Parliament and legislative assemblies could not yield reservation to women, though a boost in a series of women enrolments was a pointer of progress.

Women students of BHU feel they are not protected on campus. The students contend that 100 meters from a area where a occurrence occurred, there were guards, and they did zero to stop a group from badgering a lady student, while she was returning to her hostel.

Women students were also lathi-charged by a police, who allegedly attempted to enter women’s hostel.

The commissioner also pronounced that a tyro was molested and a protests erupted since a students were not confident with a approach a university administration did not understanding with a censure in a supportive manner.

The censure also review that while a masculine tyro described a assailants by a colour of a t-shirts they were wearing, a confidence guards didn’t compensate heed.

Days after a argumentative military crackdown on a students of Varanasi’s BHU, that triggered large protests, a central asked to examine a matter has pronounced a university authorities mishandled a conditions in a campus, that led to a violence.

Tripathi pronounced that a occurrence was staged gripping an eye on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s revisit and that notwithstanding confidence measures in a university, “security for boys and girls can never be during par“. The BHU administration released a matter on Sunday observant that criticism of a students was “politically motivated” to assail a picture of a university.

When someone asked because are a students behind him protesting, V-C Kumar said,”I don’t is JNU, who can keep track”.

Denying assumptions of a university being sealed due to protests, Gokarn simplified that university has been sealed until Oct 2 on comment of Dussehra festival. The tyro criticism was sparked by a conflict on a womanlike excellent humanities tyro hosteller there.

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