Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner To Remain In Jail Pending Trial

Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency executive and an Air Force veteran, was being reason in Lincoln County, Ga.


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Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency executive and an Air Force veteran, was being reason in Lincoln County, Ga.


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Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency executive indicted of leaking personal information to a news outlet, has pleaded not guilty during a conference in Augusta, Ga. The decider denied her bail after prosecutors suggested she might possess some-more tip documents.

A sovereign grand jury had indicted her on one count of “willful influence and delivery of inhabitant invulnerability information.” In authorised documents, an FBI representative settled that Winner had certified to duplicate a personal information and mailing it to an online news outlet.

That news opening is widely believed to be The Intercept, that published a news Monday detailing an apparent NSA request that pronounced Russian troops comprehension attempted to penetrate a U.S. association that provides choosing software.

Court papers do not categorically name a site; however, dual inhabitant confidence officials have told NPR that a cases are connected.

Citing justice documents, NPR’s Martin Kaste describes how investigators zeroed in on Winner:

“In a government’s rapist censure opposite Winner, it says it was means to lane her down as a leaker since The Intercept showed supervision officials a duplicate of a leaked document, that showed signs of carrying been folded. That led investigators to consider a request had been printed out. They contend … that Winner had been in email hit with a news outlet, reputed to be The Intercept.”

The Intercept stated that it has “no believe of a temperament of a chairman who supposing us with a document” and stresses that a allegations opposite Winner are unproven.

She was arrested during her home in Augusta on Saturday.

Before a hearing, Winner’s stepfather, Gary Davis, told The Associated Press that she is “not a moody risk.” He added: “Everyone in America knows what she looks like during this point. She’s never run divided from anything in her life. She’s not a aroused person. She has no record. There’s no reason to reason her.”

The complaint alleges that Winner, a former Air Force linguist, leaked a trusted information in May 2017 while employed during private executive Pluribus International.

If convicted, Winner faces a limit judgment of 10 years in jail and/or a excellent of adult to $250,000, according to justice documents.

She is a initial chairman to be criminally charged with leaking personal information underneath a Trump administration, that has vowed to moment down on leaks.

Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, told a AP that she fears “they’re going to try to make an instance out of her since of a domestic meridian right now.”